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  1. subliminal blaster

    I don't know how effective subliminals might be for any particular person, but I do know that what you surround yourself with is what you will end up thinking about. The recognition speed for simple shapes and text is ridiculously fast. So so long as the entire item is present in a frame at once you'll probably be able to pick it up, and then your mind will look for the pattern in things you actually are taking the time to see. It follows that if subliminals make themselves a discrete part off your surroundings they will influence your thoughts, although not necessarily in a predictable way. I think they helped me, but I honestly don't know if the effect was actually beyond the effort invested in making the subliminal script in the first place.
  2. RP Character Profiles

    RP Lost empire Name: Luke Sex: male Age: 22 Height: 5’6” Weight: 110lbs Powers: Unarmed Combat (+2) Speed (+2) Healing(+1) Extraordinary Sense -Vision +1 Drawbacks: Strong Animal Instincts (-1) Phobia -Fear of heights/flying. (-1) Tolerates enclosed spaces. Animal: Hawk (Avian) Degree: 80% Description: Grey backed and white feathered, If you’ve seen the hypogrif in Harry Potter you’ll know where I’m starting from. Marsh harrier feather patterns. Taloned feet, but they really don’t slow him down at all. Hands of a surgeon, with a grip like death. He can see anything short of invisible at any distance in clear air, but now reading out of books is a bit of a strain. Personality: Direct, Decisive, but Caring. His reaction times are fast, and it takes a conscious effort to delay between what he thinks of doing and what happens, good or bad. He does not make hasty decisions, but does make them very fast, and sometimes lack of information can cause him to make really bad decisions. Fortunately does not really suffer from guilt. He really cares about people. An ideal front line healer. He’ll help all those he can, but god help those who get in his way. -------------------------------------- Pre shift Height: 5’7 ft Weight: 140lbs Personality: Loves to read, and would probably regret all the time spent intently researching random things in the library. He’s missed more than one or two classes just because he’s been caught up reading about the most random of things. He has a head full of information from big business, to the inner workings of a shrew. To not know something is a physical pain to him Between books he’s quite sociable. He accumulates all sorts of information, and finds secrets irresistible. Hair color: Brown Eye color: Green Description: Maybe a little paler than average collage student Bio: Luke is supposed to be studying ecology, but he is not an A type student. He’d probably do better if he focussed his attention more on his own course, but where’s the fun in that? This latest development about the tablet fascinates him.
  3. RP Character Profiles

    RP: Children of the Cosmos. Name: Hartew Height: 6'1 and broad with it Weight: Heavy. Age: 19 Species: Horse, but can be surprisingly graceful. Watch his aikido. Colours: Black with White blaze, hands and feet Personality:Pragmatic. Optimistic, generally thinks things through occasionally reckless. Hates to see people miserable. Likes flowers and fighting but hates, absolutely hates hurting people. Drinks a surprising amount of tea. He's been on the run a long time and is very wary of humans. Once he's made up his mind he'd do anything for his friends, human or furry. He really is happiest when there's a good leader to follow, but he's coped on his own for ages, so he has become quite self reliant...but he secretly longs for affection.