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  1. I wasn't sure where this would belong so I put it here. So last night I tried doing a transformation hypnosis file while I tried to sleep. Halfway through it I was knocked out of trance by pretty much overheating. So I turned it off and tried to sleep, only my room was hot for whatever reason, so it was hard to do. I don't know when I fell asleep, but I woke up at 5:00 am ish. I was so tired I fell back asleep, and I may have triggered a lucid dream because of it. I don't remember almost any of the start of the dream, but I remember everything past a certain point, except for most specific dialogue. I was at a mall of some sort, breaking up a fight in front of a store I was helping out at. For some reason, I was some animal with light grey fur, maybe a wolf, even though I don't consider myself a furry. The fight was between a human and a cat of some sort. I had to get mini-casts on my wrists from them getting broken. It was after this point that I could actually feel things in the dream. So I went back to the front where there was police and some guy in a tux suit. All the cops were humans. The cat was in cuffs but not the human, so I walked up asking why. I was told to step back. I didn't, until one cop pointed a gun at me. Once that happened, the cops started getting all the furries in the mall together, and started cuffing them for no reason. I tried to run, but the guy in the tux stopped me. He had this thing that, to try to explain with others able to understand, that you throw at someone and it sticks to the person hit, and injects whatever is in it into the victim. It was the size of a pencil. He aimed it at a little human girl, and I stood in the way. I remember saying "I wont let you hurt any more innocents" as I stood arms and legs spread in front of the girl. He challenged my will by throwing a pencil at me, to which I didn't even flinch. He told me "Your choice" and threw the actual one at me. I didn't even dodge it, so the child wouldn't be hit. I was hit in the upper arm. I was put in cuffs, and then it kinda went straight to an airport. We were taken into the terminal, and I started getting woozy. I was unable to stand correct, my vision went wobbly, and I started hallucinating hard. I saw myself being escorted around a school, trying to find a certain classroom. I couldn't even read the numbers on doors right, and for some reason I now had brown fur. (Likely Hallucination) I walked into the wrong class, and sat down, unable to move almost at all. I asked the room I needed to go to, and then kept going. I was stumbling through the hallway, and I heard the tux guy tell me that I was the example. I could barely see, stumbling in the hallway, then woke up. It was only 5:33 when I woke up, even though the dream felt much longer. For some reason all of today all my limbs hurt, but mostly my right arm. It never stopped hurting, and actually still slightly hurts, but here's the strange thing. All day, it hurt most in the spot on that arm that the poison thing hit me, close to the inside of my elbow. I also was wide awake and energetic, despite being super tired. I tried figuring out what the dream could've meant all day in class today. I am about 93% sure that I died in the dream, despite the fact that the poison thing fell off only a like 3 seconds after it stuck to me. I think that my mind may have constructed a world that is like a modern-day Twokinds world, only less dragons and more racism towards non-humans. It also reminded me of the NWA movie, which I watched recently, only with characters more ruthless than GTA 5's FIB, and its not directed towards blacks. The thing is, both innocent humans and furries saw me defend the child, so I wonder how that could play out if the dream continued. What do you guys think about all of this? Could it mean something?
  2. Hello!

    Well welcome to FM! (It's actually been a while since I personally have posted here.) It may be safer here because there are certain rules with uploading hypnosis files and all that, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to what files you do. I'm pretty sure you aren't alone with being terrible at communication, many people here appear and only talk a little bit before seeming to disappear from the site. There is a FM Discord if you ever feel confident enough to join that, it is often on and off dead there. But no worries on you not being one to message back all the time. The forum is on and off dead at times, so finding a topic that isn't dead is kinda tough at times. I think it will be alright if you bump old threads as I'm pretty sure even I have before on many occasions. And if you ever have an idea for a thread that isn't already up, feel free to make one! Can't wait to hear you around more.
  3. Webcomics

    I am actually suprised no-one has made a post like this yet. Mostly I am looking at some good webcomics you guys may have found. One good one I have found that is furry-related is one called Twokinds. It has both furries, called Keidran on the comic, and humans. And dragons. And magic. And other stuff. I recommend reading it. Anyone else have a good one they have found?
  4. questions:

    1: It's better to listen to any file when you are awake but able to relax, falling asleep normally makes the process of any file slower. 2: Physically, I don't think so. Don't know of anybody that has had physical changes from hypnosis past some who get suggestions to like do stuff to their body. Mentally though, from what I seen and know, is a definite yes. I do believe it's possible to change a person entirely from who they are into pretty much someone new altogether. So choose your files wisely. But that's just me.
  5. You know, I hide a bit too much sometimes, and I never check this site anymore... Meh.

  6. Greetings from the Ott!

    Well welcome to the forum! Don't worry if you feel like your just lurking, I'm certain plenty of people do.
  7. Now thats one way to break an email.
  8. Well yeah, the first post is in like 2012 I think.
  9. Hello

    Well hi there! If anything, random isn't bad, and don't ever think you are in the way. It is a forum after all.
  10. If anyone wants, I started up a furaffinity profile recently, if anyone wants to follow it. I don't check too often, but it's named LostOneKH if you want to check it out.

  11. I would say, depending on how many people join the rp, each person could have 1-3 characters maybe. And if its all the worlds fused, maybe also allow humans too, who dont know whats going on. This is just me, but maybe in the rp show how the world merge may have caused panic and made everthing different.
  12. Anthro Or Feral?

    I would think taurs would count as anthro, but I could be wrong.
  13. Greetings from another new Member

    Well welcome to the site (Again?)! For good files, I would just say try a few induction files, then work your way up.
  14. EKP?

    To be honest, I'm suprised I haven't messed myself up with hypnosis and gotten EKP, with the many different suggestions I had running in me before coming here on Furmorphed.
  15. Seems interesting, maybe put somewhere how bad the worlds are together, and maybe a per-person character limit, so its not too cluttered. The main goal also seems a little vague. But I would like to see where the story goes.
  16. EKP?

    I actually never heard of EKP, may need to look more into what it is.
  17. Any recommendations?

    Having some music on at a VERY low volume helps me, not sure if it has to be a certain kind... but I have gone under with hard rock playing, so... The music is enough of a distraction to not think of if I'm going into trance, but quiet enough to not be all I hear, or take too much of my attention. Of corse, I wouldn't know if it works for others, but it works for me.
  18. Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Wish granted: All the hard tacos break easy and the soft tacos fall apart quickly. I wish I had a better vehicle.
  19. Hello friends

    Well welcome to you! I think i got here a bit too quickly, but feel free to ask whatever you need.
  20. Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Wish granted: Your depression is given to someone who is close to you. I wish I had better wishes.
  21. Hello. I'm Rai

    Nice to meet you too.
  22. Greetings

    Hey, no problem. Its not like there is a new face everyday, so may as well say hi to those that do come.
  23. Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Wish Granted: Your computer cant handle it and runs much slower. I wish I did better in high school.
  24. Greetings

    Well hello there to you too. From what I know, it should be easy to get along here, so I wouldnt worry about that. (Unrelated note, thats 3 new people in less than 24 hours, more than I've seen in awhile)
  25. Hello Everyone!

    How you got here makes more sense than how I got here. Either way, the term relatively sane may need to be used loosely, but its nicer here than other places I've seen.