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  1. Stay In Trance?

    I also have trouble staying in trance. For me, it's ADHD. I have trouble focusing on almost everything, and hypnosis is no exception. Perhaps it's the same for you?
  2. The analytical mind

    I have a few suggestions for this sort of problem: 1. Suggestions can be worded to make them difficult to reject. As an example, if I say to you "You are relaxing more and more now," you're probably going to analyze and then reject that statement, because you don't feel yourself relaxing more right now. However, if I say "You may not notice yourself getting more relaxed yet", you can't reject that statement, because it's completely true of your current experience, but it also heavily implies that you will eventually notice yourself getting more relaxed. It's sort of slipping it past your critical factor. 2. Speaking of slipping it past your critical factor, you may have more luck with covert suggestions. I have several friends who are. I'm the opposite, unfortunately, because I've learned to watch for covert suggestions, and they feel very manipulative to me, but if you haven't learned to watch for them, they might just slip right in. 3. I've heard that some people have success with acknowledging and thanking the analytical part of their mind, and then asking it to take a break during the session. Perhaps that might work for you. 4. Another thing that I've heard works for some people is imagining moving your sight behind your ears, like you're looking inside your own head into the space between your eyes, and then doing the induction.
  3. Trying something

    I've noticed that the more I get subjects to move around, the more likely they are to come out of trance. Particularly with me myself, which is unfortunate as I'm ADHD and pretty much unable to sit still. But it does seem more effective when you get a subject to only move a few fingers rather than having to move their entire arm.
  4. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    The absolute best book I've found on hypnosis is Hypnotic Influence by Teppo Holmqvist, which has an entire chapter on self-hypnosis. I recommend that over all the other books I've read put together. As for how long something lasts, I've noticed three factors: 1. Some people are better at being hypnotized than others. I had one girlfriend who was a particularly skilled subject. She wanted something on her body to remind her of me, so I used hypnosis to give her a tattoo of my name. Several months later, she told me that she could still see it. 2. For people who aren't absolute naturals at going into trance, repetition helps. Suggest something to someone once, and it's likely to wear off -- maybe in a few hours, maybe in a few days, maybe in a few weeks. But if you keep repeating the suggestion, it'll stick longer and longer. 3. Everybody has certain strong beliefs which keep certain hypnotic suggestions from taking effect. The strongest of these are the "I am" beliefs. This is when somebody's whole identity is tied to something else. Somebody might say "I am a smoker", or "I am an addict", or "I am fat", or "I am human". These beliefs arise because we've been that way so long that we've either never had the experience of being any other way, or we've forgotten that experience. You probably don't have the experience of ever not being human, so a simple suggestion that you have a different form won't have as much effect as if you tackle that "I am human" belief directly, find out what makes it so strong and why your unconscious mind wants to hold on to it so badly, and overcome it.
  5. Help with imagination

    I've been looking at studies connected to visualization, and the only correlation that I've ever seen between visualization and something else was with drawing. You can't learn to draw and still be bad at visualizing. So learn to draw. Practice daily. It will help.
  6. I know I'm joining these conversations months late, but I'll throw my two cents in. I've been doing a variety of hypnosis stuff for years now, and haven't gotten much in the way of results. A few months ago, I discovered that this was probably because of my ADHD -- I've heard from a number of people who were very difficult to hypnotize until their ADHD was medicated. This may be a factor for some of you who are having trouble as well.
  7. I have ADHD, which I've recently learned is connected to autism. I've been stimming as far back as I can remember, and just this week I discovered what it was called and that autistic people do it too. ADHD definitely does make it harder to go under. In fact, I know about ten people who have trouble going into trance, and most of us have unmedicated ADHD. From what I've heard, medication helps a lot, but this isn't something that I've personally tested. Another thing that I've noticed is that it absolutely does get easier with practice. After about ten months of infrequent text sessions with an online friend, I've found that I can go into trance immediately for certain triggers. However, I still tend to bounce right back out, and even when I can stay under, suggestions don't work for me. Maybe after another year of practice I'll be there, but I plan on taking the medication shortcut instead.
  8. Trying something

    This is a really neat idea that I'll have to play with myself. I can't actually view the file for some reason, but based on what Makeshift said, I'd suggest having an option for keyboard control. When I do text hypnosis, I have people keep one finger on y and one finger on n, so they can respond to what I'm saying, but they're moving the absolute minimum during the session. When I do it, they still have to hit enter to send the message, but you can make it so that subjects don't have to -- the y or n can be enough. I'd also suggest doing this with flash. There's a tool called Stencyl that makes it easy to make flash games. With that, you could do the same sort of induction, but include MP3s. Allow the subject to hear you speaking, include some binaural beats or pink noise or whatever, and have some soothing hypnotic patterns on the screen, and it might make for a deeper trance.