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  1. Very interesting and odd circumstance, do we know where the two spikes of traffic actually came from?
  2. What Movies Have You Been Watching Lately?

    I watched Big Hero 6 the other day. 7/10. Good film, good premise, animation was gorgeous and story was good, but it just seemed to go too quickly for me to get any emotional attachment to any of the characters, so when something emotional happened I was just like "meh". Enjoyable, but not as enjoyable as it could have been.
  3. Trying something

    Definitely an interesting idea, the presentation is very pleasant and it's quite enjoyable. My only concern would be that having to move the mouse to select the number buttons, but I do like how the buttons don't tend to move, so I only need to concentrate on clicking rather than moving the mouse to a specific position.
  4. Anthro Or Feral?

    I'm anthro most of the time, but when I can be feral I really enjoy it. If you're able to meet up with somebody else, both be feral for a bit, and just see what you get up to it can be very entertaining. Ended up fighting for dominance at one point, wasn't too vicious but we ended up with some bruises and giggling :D