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  1. What Movies Have You Been Watching Lately?

    I went to go see the Spongebob movie a couple of days ago. It was actually better than I had expected it to be and felt like an episode from before the first movie at times. Thankfully it didn't revolve them going above water as much as the commercials and title implied. Then there was a random rap battle during the credits done by the epic rap battle guys. It was kind of out of place but was still pretty good.
  2. What are you currently reading?

    The Ring of Fire series by Eric Flint. It's an alternate history series that centres around the modern day, as of the first book's publishing around 2000, town of Grantville West Virginia after it gets transported back in time to the Thirty Years War, 1632 specifically which is the title of the first book. The town appears right in the middle of war torn Thuringia and they have to survive against the multitudes of problems that brings, along with the fact that a number of them want to bring the modern ideals of freedom to the era. The characters are really well written and the people from 1632 are as reluctant and hard-headed about accepting any ideas that would result in power loss for them as you would expect.
  3. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis have almost eaten more hours of my my life than I feel comfortable sharing. Counter-Strike has started to steal some time for itself though, and along with Fallen London take up most of my non-paradox computer time. Smash Bros and Earthbound make up most of my non-computer gaming, with some Pokemon here and there.
  4. What If?

    Racism against talent would definitely increase, e.g. not acknowledging achievements just because whatever the person is stereotypically better at the task. Even if a lot of it now is generally not intentionally mean-spirited it would be worse since some species would be inherently better at certain tasks. Say if you hear of a baseball game, people will find some way to continue our current pop culture it's just kind of a given, ending with an "amazing" catch, just think of how many people would dismiss it just because the player was a rabbit and could jump higher. It could be slightly averted by making different leagues for each species but that would bring up whole new sets of problems. It would be a problem but not exactly a crippling problem, eventually it would blow over. But even if it doesn't it wouldn't break society or anything.