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  1. Apperently my brother just got a call from my mom saying: Hey! I'm probably going to devorce your stepdad and move… https://t.co/5IykFllgRX

  2. @Gaernin Yeah xD; Each full piece of duct is about 520Lbs. Each individual sheet is about 130 lbs.

  3. Wip of my new Starfinder character! https://t.co/ehvU0lyDh4

  4. RT @momodamermaid: What y’all used to get bullied for?

  5. @PifOtter @ReagentTroika So it'd just be an entire episode of him drawing alone in a slightly lit room? ;D

  6. RT @itoumeanathing: ppl like "is death stranding gonna have gameplay" so quickly forget kojima wanted a two week long boss battle in mgs3 a…

  7. @Stripeydragon @yamrthehammer You look sadder :( where did that smile go?

  8. @Gaernin Ah! Quite right~ thank you ^^ false theories breed intelligence! Apperently it will continue in purpetual… https://t.co/We6v88oUjE

  9. #PS4share https://t.co/eeau74IJaM https://t.co/R35r9t0xyj

  10. RT @incarnata2017: 「家有大貓 Nekojishi」の李克勞くん https://t.co/e9f9ZRFke3

  11. I gotta say pronunciation for French is tough x.x That last phase sounds like: Geneh poo pa quey cuhwa fai new a queh

  12. #Dailyfrench Je parle Francais. aimerais-tu te joindre à moi?

  13. @TheOtterBen Just do it.

  14. @AlkiFox It's not about who got there first. I'm pretty sure it's about who set "foot" there first

  15. @PSYRUSAURUS What's tomorrow?:)