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  1. @PSYRUSAURUS I took a shower and then cleaned my house for about 4 hours. I feel quite a bit better with a clean sp…

  2. @PSYRUSAURUS It's like if DS and Deus Ex had a space baby.

  3. This is freaking adorable. AND INFORMITIVE!!

  4. Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Darkest Dungeon) live at

  5. I'm playing No man's sky on permadeath mode x.x the intro is so hard


  7. @kataze @misspixystix That's an inside joke xD in DnD I always play glass cannons

  8. @tehdrack Valley girl: uuuuh Kaytlyn ? I'm a human?

  9. RT @JULIAISSOFIT: If you're in Barrow in Furness please do not attend the LGBT gay pride night at a pub! I've reported it to the police but…

  10. @kirayusa Mr. Potter... Has... Given Dobby a.... Sock?

  11. Eeeeeee thank you :D

  12. Of redwood colored hair from her freckled face and pressed her weight against her now closed binder. "E...excuse me?" She asked #OoSV1

  13. Man, if I could have any album run alongside my life it'd be the Life is strange OST or an Alt J album~

  14. @carbideVerstand Carl.

  15. This. Made. My. Day. XDDD