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  1. @skotterbutt That lady behind you looks like she about to kick som ass tho.

  2. @Keekobeagle What does this mean? XDDDD

  3. Everytime I see Vin Collie, I always imagine him living in the 1950's

  4. I beat shadow of mordor :D The ending felt very rushed, but the game was fun!

  5. @ReadingRidley *hugs* drink up! And try to feel better :[

  6. Besides, nothing beats the feeling of a pencil in your hand, scratching across a page.

  7. This was one of my fav bosses in the game for me xD; it was the first one I picked too~ https://t.co/c5mxrA5vJn

  8. @Valwoof Oooooh o.o thats cool!

  9. @kijani_lion Right~ all I'm saying is maybe they didn't know any better.

  10. I almost feel bad for this one https://t.co/GwsP02wN4B

  11. @Hoodie_Fox Caaaah-ooooooooookie crisp!

  12. @Jamieotterbein Awwww :[ *pats*

  13. I caaaant waiiiit https://t.co/KqrP6aw7QO

  14. @skyandog Yeaaah xD Those two are my fav characters

  15. @skyandog So funny thing about this is there is a veeeery small chance tgat you can get tails xP they actually comment on it too.