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    Computers (games, and more), painting minifigures, drawing ( although not so well), reading books about russia and japan
  1. How Did You Find Furmorphed

    La Classic warpmymind/google search in the early morning. (reaaaaally early)
  2. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Unfortunatly Vampires taste like rotten meat.
  3. Wow that turned out very well! Will try it again this evening!

  4. Trying my first file of this site... hopes it works!

  5. Nothing to say, really...

  6. Why did you/want to be a furry?

    I think many people can recognise this story, but for as long as I lived always liked animal characters in films. I simply watched an entire movie just to see the point of an anthro character or a talking animal. Watched a huge amount of disney movies like: the sleeping beauty (dragon transformation scene), The Lion King (obvious reasons), Brother Bear, and Robin Hood. Later on I noticed my thought about changing to animal forms hadn't changed, and started trying to find sites about it. I then Encounterd sites we all know like Furaffinity, Sofurry, e621.net etc. Not untill recent I started trying to delve into hypnosis. And I must say I really like it so far!
  7. What are you currently reading?

    Reading russian history pocket edition. A book what I really would like to read is this: http://www.amazon.com/The-Elder-Scrolls-Infernal-City/dp/0345508017/ref=pd_sim_b_5?ie=UTF8&refRID=0P9Z6BVQ9YEJHG6R4PW5 I like the Elder scrolls ^_^ Sadly it is almost near impossible to aquire it in the Netherlands
  8. Furniture!!!

    That is a weird video.... Like it!
  9. What Movies Have You Been Watching Lately?

    I'm affraid my list is a bit shorter then that :| Here they come: Men in Black 3 Lord of The Rings The Hobbit 3: Battle of Five armies and that is what I can recall.
  10. Species?

    Difficult, I would say Vulpine or Feline As for partner, well I don't really care
  11. How Far Away Are We?

    Think the biggest problem first is soccial acceptance. But about aquirering the technology for it, that is a long way to go. the evolution of the computer was very hard, and took quite some decades. (unless you count the primitive computers with it, then it took more then a couple of hundred years) Then to think that modification of the body post-natal would be a lot harder. I can remember saying scientists saying that around our year we would have robots walking around like humans would. Unless it comes in handy for the military to modificate human boddies, only then we would see this kind of thechnology. And it would take a couple of decades then to develop it for customers.
  12. FurMorphed's Friendly Q&A Game

    Probably my brother, just to show how awesome furries are! (not that I have told him I'm furry.) What is your favorite spot just to relax at the end of a day?
  13. What should everyone be watching?

    The show I currently follow is Downton Abbey. Sadly it was last episode last week :/
  14. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    My list Elder scrolls: Skyrim Elder scrolls: Oblivion Medal of Honor: Warfighter ( my first shooter, help!) Total war: Shogun 2 Minecraft (mostly heavy modded version)