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  1. Here's an article about an interesting paper on learning while sleeping. According to them you want to review something while awake and pair it with some type of cue (like music), then apply that cue during sleep. I think the theory is you learn something complex then use something simple to reinforce those brain connections while sleeping. Article: http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-sleep-memories-prejudice-20150528-story.html And apparently we've know about this for awhile. Here's an earlier experiment from 2011 and there are many others if you do a search: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/experiments-show-we-really-can-learn-while-we-sleep-141518869/?no-ist I plan to add distinct and simple music to any files I use in an attempt to use this effect.
  2. Animal TF art

    On both SoFurry and FA you should be able to filter mature content under your profile settings.
  3. Wondering where this text shows up.

  4. How Far Away Are We?

    I can see a few problems with that. The world is going to be a lot stranger in 20 years. Though I don't think we know enough about human DNA to safely, freely edit it. The first generations of genetically modified babies will probably have serious health problems when they get older. Right now we're checking embryo for things like eye colors and discarding ones the parents' don't want. I don't think anyone is doing modifications yet.
  5. Furniture!!!

    The start of it reminds me of the hardware store:
  6. How Far Away Are We?

    From what I know the plica semilunaris isn't a full nictitating membrane. We can't control it because there isn't enough left to control. There have been instances of people attaching electronic devices, orientation sensors, and embedding magnets into themselves or doing things like constantly wearing upside-down glasses. In all of the cases I read it seemed to take around 8 weeks for the brain to adapt to the new input and start seeing it as normal. I'd bet money our brains could adapt to use almost anything we can add to ourselves as long as it has some type of feedback loop. I'd guess the younger we are the faster the brain could adapt.