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  1. Trying something

    I'll keep your suggestions in mind should I decide to try this again, thanks compucelebi~
  2. Trying something

    *nods* it was only really meant as a test, Im of the opinion that files and things like this will never really be as effective as 1:1 sessions, since I believe there is some metaphysical stuff going on when doing hypnosis, I only really did this as a project of sorts
  3. Trying something

    Decided to try something relatively new (to me at least), making a somewhat interactive induction using Twine and my induction method. Just download the html and run it with some sort of browser, then follow the on-screen instructions, pressing the links when it feels right, Other than that, tell me what you think, do you like it? should I try making more? Questions, comments, concerns, all the critique stuffs Induction.html
  4. Heh, I've been trying occasionally over the last two years (whenever I have been able to find a willing tist) and still havent been able to experience much of anything.
  5. Hi, I've actually done similar things to a couple of my subjects before, hypnotically induced pregnancy, a fairly easy thing to do, all things considered.