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  1. One piece of advice I've heard over the years is to try and enter trance when your body would prefer to rest but your mind would be clear and awake. After light exercise was recommended because a brisk walk would leave your body happy to sit or lie down but a bit of fresh air to clear your head would make you mentally tired. Obviously, this doesn't work if you're already exhausted. Knowing how to meditate helps a lot and also understanding that a trance is a focused state for the mind and a relaxed state for the body. My example for that personally is how I can get lost in a daydream or story to music and suddenly find the whole album/playlist finished! Turns out that isn't very far from deep meditation but you don't typically attribute the drum and bass I was listening to with relaxation - xD
  2. Hola~

    Hurray, hello and welcome!
  3. Greetings & Salutations

    Well hopefully this turns out to be a helpful environment and I wish you luck! Welcome to FM!
  4. Hello all

    Now that is an interesting one... Feel free to bring up a topic with any pointers or even a guide if you feel up to it. I'd read it at least. Personally I'm fine with hypnoisis but the lack of a guide there means I'm hopeless with meditation. Poor attention span maybe? Anyway, welcome!
  5. Hello there!

    Well, I think it's a nice but small and sweet community but I'm massively bias so there's that. Hello and welcome! Lots of new people have come in this weekend so your 'tist friend may have been busy.
  6. Woah heck, g'day

    The only thing I ever ask is how you came across our quiet corner of the internet, but welcome regardless!
  7. Greetings!

    Thank you! Also Hi, welcome, and such. I don't need to ask what brings you here but how did you find us?
  8. Yes, it is indeed possible. The only restrictions are not changing it more than 3 or 4 times a month and only members can do it. Since you have already been promoted from "New Member" to the "Member" group automatically there shouldn't be anything stopping you. If you made a typo in your username when you registered and you want to change your whole username I think there is a system for that too. If it wont let you, PM me and I can always fix that from the admin side.
  9. Recommended Hypnosis files?

    It happens faster than you think, don't worry. As for files on YouTube, surprisingly there are a lot of them out there, it is probably in this one tiny instance worth actually reading the comments. Nothing more effective to review a file than the harsh nature of YouTube comments. Plus if you find comments disabled or all sounding suspiciously monotone, you know it might not be trustworthy ^_^
  10. Recommended Hypnosis files?

    If you have no experience in hypnosis as a subject then I would recommend, nothing specific but, going for a simple and not necessarily transformative file would be good. Frost Endwood produces a lot of files that are themed around relaxation and exploration in the mind with only bonus post-hypnotic effects - good for practise before trying anything bigger and more adventurous.
  11. I don't think it was in the case of those files as the post you're quoting was almost a year before the crash which only happened earlier this year. I don't know what happened to them but my best guess is they were pulled by the author in response to hostility. I don't think WMM would ever remove them because some people don't like them.
  12. Anthromorphs or Transformation in VR

    I gotta admit I have held back on the idea of VR but if it;s going to give me first person rendered TF scenes then - yes. I will subscribe to that in a heartbeat just to play around "being" different things. Didn't Second Life try something VR based and it not go so well for them though?
  13. Who Lives in Australia

    Hrm, I am sure we had some members form down under.. They're being quiet. We have a Discord and you might even find them there;
  14. Saludos.

    Hello, and welcome! What interests you in our tiny corner of the internet?
  15. Changes; July 2017. FurMorphed Agreement Updates Section 4 has been completely replaced to account for the growing live communities.