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  1. Anthromorphs or Transformation in VR

    I gotta admit I have held back on the idea of VR but if it;s going to give me first person rendered TF scenes then - yes. I will subscribe to that in a heartbeat just to play around "being" different things. Didn't Second Life try something VR based and it not go so well for them though?
  2. Who Lives in Australia

    Hrm, I am sure we had some members form down under.. They're being quiet. We have a Discord and you might even find them there;
  3. Saludos.

    Hello, and welcome! What interests you in our tiny corner of the internet?
  4. Changes; July 2017. FurMorphed Agreement Updates Section 4 has been completely replaced to account for the growing live communities.
  5. Sorry for the delays! That's down to me entirely being swamped with prep for the summer country fair season. I'm actually working on the site from mobile during lunch breaks!
  6. Hi

    I'm glad you think so. Welcome.
  7. New cat checking in

    Hello hello and welcome. Nice to have you here and a very nice introduction too. Hopefully you have fun here.
  8. Headphones?????

    If you can find somewhere to sit or lay comfortably with them then wearing headphones will not hinder any experience. Some files are made including binaural effects or sounds which are intended for use with headphones so in those cases they will improve the experience.
  9. Spells?

    I think, now I could be wrong, what you are getting at here is a thing called magic. What that is, and a spell is, is something we call bogus and work is a very strong word for what they do. Lets see some research and some testing done and then you can have some answers.
  10. Anthro transformation?

    They're all located in the downloads section. If you have any trouble finding or using that section please double check the FMA. It's not just the user agreement, it's actually all the instructions too. It's available on site here.
  11. Anthro transformation?

    From my experience and looking at our library here most files or hypnotists focus on you as your fursona. A clear image of yourself as your character of choice should result in anthro forms even if the file doesn't specify.
  12. For the low traffic on the site topics like that were just considered under 'general'. This said there is an FAQ system we're researching that could be used for the section you suggested though regardless of this the need for a normal forum section for this will be reviewed based on forum traffic. Thanks.
  13. General questions and stuff.

    This has been noted and dealt with. Thank you if you reported the issue to moderators through the proper channels.
  14. New Post Feed

    At the top of every page on the right, just below the search box, is a button/link labelled "Unread Content" - this is the feature you are looking for. It has a filtering system to tailor it to you or just show all content.
  15. Unfortunately 'sleep' and 'trance' are two entirely different states and you cannot apply hypnotic suggestion the sleep state. As much as it's nice and reassuring to drum in a file while you sleep, it wont do anything. You can catch a trance from sleeping, actually just before or after sleep is a good time to try a session since your mind or body have the chance to be receptive. It can also catch a trance state while you sleep if the induction and the sleep states pattern together correctly, but then you might find you don't wake up so well rested in the morning. If you have one of those sleep wristbands you can visually see if this happens and you enter trance while you sleep. TL:DR; sleep and trance are different states but if you want to look into doing something while you sleep you can delve into the grey area of subliminal learning.