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  1. RT @rgb_alpha: Best use of the camera stabilizer filter ever. #StarTrek https://t.co/ArmknVnD2l
  2. @VirtualFox they also, to my knowledge, don't hunt from such tiny hobby channels. Still I'll send them a friendly declination.
  3. @lsmfx1 weird. I have seen it on my phone a few times I think but I've yet to see it move into Tweetdeck or the website.
  4. I see their point... https://t.co/dr4cBhuFbe
  5. @Kitsunami really that's not how it works but this doesn't feel like a friendly chat :(
  6. @FurMorphed Woo! @SabreMc Teamwork!
  7. @Yksi87 starting to sound like our place, at least one person a week leaves here.
  8. RT @DJSnM: Have you guys had enough videos from me over the last few hours? https://t.co/RZl9tjhIc0
  9. Factorio S2 - Episode 3 "It has begun!": https://t.co/cjdY6efHb4 via @YouTube
  10. @SabreMc what, you mean your status even works! I can't even change mine.
  11. I love how stupid YouTube can be with copyright stuff... At the same time it scares me. https://t.co/mcd7Xyrr98
  12. Must seem so 'small-fry' to you people with hundreds of subscribers and thousands of Twitter followers xD Sensible goals for me though.
  13. I'm not sure I see the excitement. I lose to the computer at chess and drafts all the time. xD https://t.co/PAIrymQ7y4
  14. Kan's Katastrophes video today: Rapid Rougelike, Too Rushed https://t.co/I0qsYTD5rL
  15. This is what classes as a "power station demonstration" https://t.co/xZkw7EECYC
  16. The combination of having a pure black desktop and being a little tired... Took me a minute there to realise the screen was switched off.
  17. ... If Tuesdays video is on time but is Rescheduled factorio video then I still failed.
  18. LaptopLaptopLaptop... It's not good for bedtimes but it's so shiny!
  19. Oh for... Never touching Auslogics software again. So much bloatware, shit, popups and ads. Uncalled for. It used to be great stuff.
  20. @Hell_Badger aka having fun :D
  21. @DarkOverord yeah I'm totally not surprised.
  22. We're streaming TFC! ... and we've dragged @Hell_Badger into it! https://t.co/vgJLHakuEA
  23. @TempestKittie let me know if you see anyone you know XD
  24. @DoctorBagPhD @PayPalUK monopoly service, competition needed.
  25. That moment when you get to work and then think... "Wait, did I leave all the computers on?" because silent mode and not very awake.