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  1. HELP!

    Okay, I'll try and break my responses down to your questions in order. Your headphones should be fine so long as they aren't going to become uncomfortable in whatever position you're in or distort the sound quality to any degree that would make the hypnotist hard to understand. Blankets won't hurt anything, I prefer to be snuggled up myself however beware the risk of falling asleep! There's no replacement for practise however it doesn't need to be files; honestly it sounds corny or stereotyped but do look up the various kinds of mindfulness and meditation and other things that will make sure your mind is more able to enter trance. Also sadly trance is different for almost everyone. Where one person might feel like they're floating another may feel very heavy. There's no exact description I have for it just a lot of long-winded metaphors which after a while start to sound suspiciously like an induction. ;)
  2. Using hypnosis to remove bad dreams

    They're in the community section; I should make them more obvious somehow then yes?
  3. Using hypnosis to remove bad dreams

    Consider joining the Discord and getting in touch with me or another member of staff. We might be able to either help or direct you to somewhere that can.
  4. 5 Post Minimum

    It's recently been reduced to 5 in 5 from 10 in week. It's proven to do good things for the community consistently, the recent reduction has been made because of the general downturn in forum use online. It's a more rarely used platform these days so the requirement was lowered to reflect that.
  5. Hiya!

    Waiting for the weekend, apparently! Hello and welcome and all that, nice to see you here. If you've never tried anything before at all remember to look about and research a bit first about what will give you the best chances of success. Hypnosis is usually done with a guide and is fluent and dynamic - to do it with a recorded file requires a little help from yourself as it turns basically into self-hypnosis. I wish you the best of luck!
  6. Hi~!

    Sounds like you're doing well exploring and learning already! It'll be interesting to follow your journey through this... ... because ears are awesome!
  7. Hello Hullo!

    Ohh~! This sounds good, a good first experience then I take if it has set you on the search for more. Were you directed here by anyone friendly or were we part of the search?
  8. Don't mind me, just passing through...

    Getting 5 is the way to do that, grats on reading around before asking silly questions I guess! Welcome to the site in general, feel free to lurk there is nothing wrong with that. I'm interested in this brief stint back in 2013 as I was much much more active in the community myself back then. These days I sit in my corner of the internet and quietly do my own thing.
  9. Hello!

    VR for seeing yourself as a fur sounds brilliant - VR for hypnosis, the typical thing being spiral visors and mind control goggles which have existed in fiction for a long time, I've heard doesn't go so well and can be pretty nauseating. It's not quite been perfected yet! I know people interested in keeping trying though. Welcome to the site all the same!
  10. Woah heck, g'day

    Equally delayed response from me I mean, it's busy! Nice to hear back from you and know that word of mouth is still one of the best ways to hear about this place.
  11. What else do I do? The answer to that is actually; quite a lot! Aside from offline hobbies like mad event management and building and running steam engines the online hobbies (and I stress hobbies) are like a lot of people now; Twitch & YouTube! I must confess it's for enjoyment and that does show when things like work kick off and it all goes quiet for a while. I also thought I best mention it because it explains away (excuses) why I don't spend every waking hour maintaining this wonderful place. I do divide myself quite thinly! It's great to see the forum so active again by the way but it is super hard for me to get it through my skull that I don't need to read every last word written here. My 'hub' site is KanThorne.net and that links everything together as best I can because all these little ventures onto the internet are linked together in a few ways. It would be awesome to see more of the crowd from FM make appearances in the FM Discord as well as just socially on my streams and things. I do love interacting with you guys where I don't seem like the big scary admin guy! I suppose I should push onward some examples, like clips from my LAN party (Minecraft, I know ); https://clips.twitch.tv/ArborealBelovedAubergineMau5 https://clips.twitch.tv/CreativeCoyWalrusCharlietheUnicorn Or maybe something from YouTube; Relevant right now! Now, that is from "Tycoon Tuesday" which is a live streamed thing and, hey, it's Tuesday! Streams are around 7pm UK time (Tuesday/Thursday) for the regular ones in the evenings and then, kind of sporadic from there.
  12. One piece of advice I've heard over the years is to try and enter trance when your body would prefer to rest but your mind would be clear and awake. After light exercise was recommended because a brisk walk would leave your body happy to sit or lie down but a bit of fresh air to clear your head would make you mentally tired. Obviously, this doesn't work if you're already exhausted. Knowing how to meditate helps a lot and also understanding that a trance is a focused state for the mind and a relaxed state for the body. My example for that personally is how I can get lost in a daydream or story to music and suddenly find the whole album/playlist finished! Turns out that isn't very far from deep meditation but you don't typically attribute the drum and bass I was listening to with relaxation - xD
  13. Hola~

    Hurray, hello and welcome!
  14. Greetings & Salutations

    Well hopefully this turns out to be a helpful environment and I wish you luck! Welcome to FM!
  15. Hello all

    Now that is an interesting one... Feel free to bring up a topic with any pointers or even a guide if you feel up to it. I'd read it at least. Personally I'm fine with hypnoisis but the lack of a guide there means I'm hopeless with meditation. Poor attention span maybe? Anyway, welcome!