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  1. The best description I ever heard for the Five night's series is: Jump Scare generator. The problem I have for the games are that in order to win the higher difficulties you get into some really weird and nonsensical patterns. Just look at anyone who has beaten the highest difficulties for Five Nights 1 and 2. They are kind of ridiculous
  2. Granted but the modding API is so terrible that it destroys the functionality of all previously made mods such that they will never be compatible again and is so terrible to work with it makes people leave and stop playing Minecraft leaving a barren and dead game. I wish I had received my college books, in good condition, today instead of the receiving them the day right before class begins.
  3. Five Night's really isn't worth beating. As for me: Currently escaping prisons in The Escapists.
  4. Granted, however the system was changed such that every class is graded on a hard curve. You are put in a class where everyone is more intelligent than you and easily get 95% or greater, thus causing the B's you easily receive and those A's you have to work really hard for to become C's and D's. I wish that California's Bar examination test in order to become a lawyer was less ridiculous (it has the hardest test, look it up or ask me if you want to know its specifics) and the state of California actually had reciprocity with other states so that passing the bar in California meant I could practice in other states if I needed to.
  5. Granted, but unfortunately the mages cast a dangerous spell, summon Cthulhu and all of Earth is eaten up. I wish I could live long enough learn everything without suffering the effects of age, disease, crippling, or ending up in any situation people would describe as "worse than death."
  6. Granted but unfortunately you now fail at geometry and all other math and are unable to graduate. I wish for a wish after this one and for a good, competent, honest lawyer to help me write it. The lawyer may even come from fiction if other people believe there is no such thing as an honest lawyer (which is completely untrue. Honest lawyers exist and can be good lawyers).
  7. Unfortunately, you were turned into a female werewolf and it's now heat season.
  8. Granted, everyone dies and neither bad nor good things happen from now on until the big rip which leads to the ultimate heat death of this universe. I wish I knew how to wish for something so that the wish couldn't be corrupted.
  9. Granted you now CDO (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and it's so bad that you cannot function in society at all until you've opened and closed a door 100 times before continuing. You eventually die of starvation. I wish that I could control the weather and had a perfect sense on what not to do to completely screw up any ecosystems or cause natural disasters, ie: I understand the butterfly effect instinctively, and this does not affect any of my other mental or physical processes.
  10. Granted but the conservatives don't like it and gain enough influence to change every world's constitution and basic human rights to ban all media except for their selected media which leads to the eventual creation of Friend Computer which dominates everything (Paranoia if you don't get the reference). I wish the game Paranoia was already out, at my home with me there, I had free time that didn't conflict with anything, and good friends who wouldn't turn bitter or get angry to play it with who also had no prior conflicts or anything that would conflict with us playing the game.
  11. Granted, it's directed by Uwe Boll. It's amazingly bad if that isn't obvious. I wish I didn't have a ridiculously large school debt.
  12. Granted but the whole point of turning people into furries is to sell them on the intergalactic sex trade market which includes a healthy dose of brainwashing to make sure you enjoy being used for money and forgetting your old life ever existed. Happy serving your new masters, slave. I wish I didn't come up with some really evil, malicious or cruel answers that creep me out for others corrupted wishes.
  13. Granted but in gaining that knowledge you lose everything else and fail every other exam. I wish I knew what I'd actually do for a Klondike bar.
  14. Granted the governments start funding it but radicals disagree, stealing several WMD's and ending the world and causing a global apocalypse leading to everyone blaming the TF Research and thus banning it forever for those that survive. I wish that WaffleFox was literally a fox made of waffles.
  15. Fortunately the small child has an invulnerable, quirky, and comedic robot as a companion that can protect him from danger.