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  1. @pokexperto #TeamPopplio

  2. @Cellenseres @xXDreamShadowXx actualy there a glitch in pokemon yelllow that you can hybrid in betwen pokemon change color sprites
  3. @Wario64 What the fuck? exactly the same price as ps4? fuck i was hoped not much i intended to buy if but nope i't too much.
  4. i always choose by fate the starters probaly this time i choose water https://t.co/rbrbdFvsiD
  5. @Cellenseres dude wasn't this game released under final fantasy explorers in japan? and i know this one it was never made here. strange..
  6. @Jerimiahisaiah maybe the plot is bettwen different from the ps2 game wich i belive is supposted to be form the beinging crash jamming plot
  7. @NintendoEurope well im farly disapointed on final fantasy explorers has only english and french but the game is very addicting.
  8. RT @TiLMEN: #SantaTilmen is indaHOOOUSE soon.... i will GIVEAWAY 10 or more GAME download codes on XMAS day :3... RT and FOLLOW please ♥♥♥♥…
  9. im in #TilmenLove https://t.co/p529uPEzvY
  10. BIGGEST 2015 GIVEAWAY OMG PACKAGE!!!! AWESOME!!! #TilmenLove ♥♥♥ https://t.co/feR9g4Dr2U via @YouTube #TilmenLove
  11. @zebrastripe247 @Wario64 there reason to not buy it? I owned for cause collect strange games and because i don't trust false reviews.
  12. @SleepyJirachi i was hoping for XZ\YZ
  13. @SleepyJirachi xbox one should originaly called 720 and two is 920 im biased they where stoped Using that format.
  14. @SleepyJirachi youre exagerated a bit Im gona Not hate ps4 is a console Like others made im i right?
  15. @Dosunceste @InTimsWorld there no news about that game? i stll wonder tim stamper stoped is research working dream snes but probaly doesn't