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  1. Best suggestion I can give is to lie down and relax. Before putting on the audio because it allows the mind to calm down, then play the audio and try not to think, but listen. At first it can be hard so an exercise that worked for me (Not sure about you) if focus on your breathing. Try everyday and eventually it will become a repetition. Also another suggestion I can give is to do the audio when going to bed because it allows the subconscious to accept suggestions more easily. As well as if you had a long and tiring day, then it is easy to not think, but relax. Not sure if these tips will help, but hope they do!
  2. The show I'm really currently watching is Doctor Who and the show that I am excited to watch more of is season 5 of the Walking Dead.
  3. This question maybe silly and was already asked, but since I couldn't find really any info I decided to ask. When doing a hypnosis file for long periods of time... Can you see yourself as a furry or your fursona?
  4. One word: DESTINY!
  5. i would have to say anthro because I prefer to have human characteristics along with animal characteristics.
  6. This is me just being curious, but like the topic being said "How did you come up with your fursona"? Did you just sit down and think what you wanted to be or does the fursona explain a past event occuring to you. For mine, my fursona is a confident, intelligent, and heroic husky for the simple reasoning of imagining what I wish I could be like.
  7. I wanted to be a furry to be allowed the ability to imagine what we wish we could be in reality. To me being a furry allows an opportunity for self expression through a form of imagination and work.