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  1. Wearable paws

    My mistake, I must have misread that post! Still, having a tail to use as a guide would prove useful, no doubt about it... Other things which could provide a reference could be fan art, fur suits, actual animals and anatomical drawings thereof. Use them as a base image to build up a reliable visualization. Though not really covering furry hypnosis, there's a number of really helpful guides on the visualization section on Tulpa.info. Just adapt the techniques for your needs. =P https://community.tulpa.info/thread-new-great-big-list-of-guides
  2. Wearable paws

    Welcome to the forums! I'm kinda new here myself. =P So what you appear to be suggesting is that by using wearable paws/tails, it could aid in making those phantom sensations more lucid? It certainly sounds like a great idea, but it just depends on whether anyone has tried such a thing. I remembered a post by Din a while back regarding using a fox tail to recreate the sensation of feeling his own phantom tail. That might give you somewhere to start...
  3. first post. ;)

    1. Nano


      First of many! =P

      Question! As I mentioned in my introductory doohickey, what files would you recommend trying on esuccubus?

  4. Why did I want to be a furry? That's an interesting question... At first it was merely a desire to be something different, something more then 'just' a human. That was from whenever I can remember to about a year ago. Now though? Well, I've realised that merely being human is incredible. The bodies we are gifted with can do amazing things, even if the lack of fur/scales is annoying. The thing which makes being human worthwhile though, is our minds. We can create companions, build an entire world in our heads, and even feel like something else. I guess that's why I joined this site. To see what our minds are capable of. And Lizards are awesome. That too. =P