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  1. The analytical mind

    Thanks. I'll try to go with what my mind doing what it's doing s nd focus on that. Thanks for your time.
  2. The analytical mind

    The problem I am having is not that I have random thoughts, even though it does happen from time to time, it is my mind analyzes the file and dissects it to the point where it losses its effect, but I do not do it on purpose. My mind just goes into tha way of thinking when I do not want it to. I try to not tthink about the file and let it happen, but my mind then start to analyze the content within the file; trying to find meaning and understand. Sorry if I do not make much sense, but this is how my mind is. Is there a way I can calm my mind into not analyzing and dissecting the file? Would you think it would be better to try and calm my mind or think about the file before listening to give my mind some closure. Thanks for your time.
  3. I have been doing hypnosis for a while now, but I cannot keep the post-hypnotic suggestions. I think it might be because of my analytical mind analyzing the file. I can get into a trance easily and the fireside of work a bit, but not fully. I do know it take so.e time for a file to work, but when no progress is made for about a few weeks, that is when I have think on what might be the problem. I did a little research and I think i found out that it might be my analytical mind. I would like to have some advice to calm my mind into analyzing the files and to stop the habit of repeating the hypnotist. Thanks for your time.
  4. What is a tulpa? [CURIOSITY]

    I do have to say this. I have been reading up on tupla and what I have found is that a tulpa. Is what you make of it. If you think it to have a negative personality it will have one. I also have to say that a tulpa can make itself have a negative personality, but a tulpa is mostly a being that is very similar to yourself. I do not have a tulpa and was just curious about them since reading the topic here. On here it has a lot of negative post on tulpa and so understand that a tulpa can be bad. All in all it all depends on how you perceive your tulpa to be. Thanks for your time. P.S. I am not an expert and only posting my opinion on what I have read about it. My info comes from a few different sources in which I will not say to protect people who are not informed enough to know the risks or benefits of a tulpa.
  5. Hi. I am new to hypnosis and since the time of my membership I have been reading and trying to understand the hypnosis experience. What I have read so far suggests that the hypnosis I have been doing might be working, but it is hard to tell if it is just me wanting it to work or that it has work in some way. I do know that I can get into a trace; thanks to some of EMG's induction file, but when it come to a transformation file or one that is more on the mental side, I have a trouble keepi...