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  1. Species?

    I haven't really decided on a fursona to use, though the temporary ones that I go through are usually felines (smaller cats not like lions or tigers). As for a partner/mate/whathaveyou I would choose on a case by case basis and not by species.
  2. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    I haven't listened to much or tried any so I can't tell the difference between a decent script and a bad one yet :3
  3. Listening around a bit (not really going for any hypnosis just seeing what files from other sites are like), I have found that many files use a text to speech program for the voice, while others use someone's actual voice. Do any of you have a preference for one or the other? Personally I judge on case by case because some voices and some text to speech can be either really good or really bad.
  4. Anthro Or Feral?

    100% Anthro, otherwise how would I ever take myself out on a five finger date? :3