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  1. RT @matchapaw: oh jesuys christ im done im 100% done https://t.co/j10VpTvZlO

  2. RT @LarryGlickman: Regulations save lives. In 1960 gasoline contained lead, seat belts were not required. It was before Truth in Packaging…

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  4. @StrikeVixen @Tetraform Sorry...

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  6. @Auralnauts @Patreon What new system?

  7. @StrikeVixen Still mooing.

  8. RT @wolfygun: played around and made this yesterday. felt like youtube would be the best place to toss it... https://t.co/LuDmDb2jy0

  9. @StrikeVixen I don't like this. Make it stop.

  10. RT @StrikeVixen: https://t.co/sUZG5R3J2C

  11. RT @InternetHippo: the last president who aggressively taxed high incomes won 4 terms & they had to change the constitution to make sure it…

  12. I need a fucking lung replacement.

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  14. @profanegeometry You have my sympathies.