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  1. Any other Vyvanse users have trouble sleeping?

  2. @StrikeVixen Are you a Fae?

  3. @SonySupportUSA What's the difference between the 860A and 490A Blu-ray drives for the PS4?

  4. RT @CasualFennec: RT to bless someone's timeline

  5. RT @AStarwind: @SandiaLabs If I sent you the cooling fan of a PS4 console, could you make a replacement cooler for the same form factor?

  6. RT @StrikeVixen: This competitive placement is going well.

  7. @clever_beans @WZ_Official @AmiNakajima

  8. @StrikeVixen Honey?!

  9. RT @cassie_vixen: Happy Friday my lovelies! I hope the day treats you well and that you all have a lovely weekend afterwards!

  10. @clever_beans Some of the Combat events in the 2048 campaign are too hard. Also, Detonator and Zone Battle on the 2048 tracks would be fun.

  11. I got #OperaVPN on my iPhone now. Finally, no more ads on YouTube. @Opera

  12. @Auralnauts You should play some WipEout. It's fun.

  13. @SkreamnRedSkull @GamepIay Majora's Mask, actually.

  14. @StrikeVixen You write smut, Mistress?

  15. RT @AmiNakajima: Speed pads! #WipEoutPS4 @E3