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  1. There is a new fox transformation hypnosis recording on you tube. It was posted by the Transformation Parlor. I like it, and I figured some of the other foxes on here might like to check it out. Just look for the Transformation Parlor on you tube, the new fox file should be near the top on that channel. It was just posted about a week ago.
  2. Animal TF art

    Does anyone know of any sites that have good, clean animal TF art? I used to visit FA and Transfur alot, but I was turned off by some of the content on those sites. I'd love to find a TF art site that doesn't include any dirty implications in it's art.
  3. Animal TF art

    Thank you, Coyotech. I checked out e926 and it does seem mostly safe. In fact, I think it may be safer than Deviantart or Transfur. Again, Thank you.
  4. Favorite files

    Of the hypnosis files I've listened to on the internet, I'd have to say my favourite so far are the Transformation Parlor files by Oren Otter available on YouTube. I don't like all the files available from the Transformation Parlor, but I only listen to the ones I'm interested in (which I'm sure is the case for most of us). I especially like the second version of the fox transformation file.
  5. Animal TF art

    I might mention: I currently think Transfur seems to be mostly safe. I have occasionally seen content that I didn't want to see, but I haven't seen any actual pornography on there, and the site seems largely clean.
  6. Therians?????

    For myself, I feel a strong desire to physically become a male European Red Fox. I don't consider myself non-human; more like human + Red Fox, or a human fox. If that makes me a therian, that's fine. If it puts me in some other category, that's alright as well.
  7. Therians?????

    I believe I also qualify as a therian. A red fox therian. Though I'm not currently active in the therian community.
  8. Animal TF art

    I tried that. I went on e621 and typed in "fox tf", and the first pictures that popped onto the screen had mature content. Does e621 have any kind of content filter that I could enable before I do a search?
  9. Animal TF art

    I think you're right. In my experience, Deviantart does seem to be the safest site to browse for animal-transformation art. I'm not saying it doesn't have content I don't like, but it doesn't seem to be as explicit as what I've come across on other art sites (and it is therefore easier to ignore the art I don't like when browsing). I think I'll stick to Deviantart (with the adult hide option checked). Thank you.
  10. Animal TF art

    Unfortunately, I did not have good experiences browsing FurAffinity, SoFurry, or Reddit. On all of them, I quickly came upon content that I found unacceptable. Perhaps I would have to be a registered user of those sites in order to set the content filters. However, having seen the sort of content that is posted on them, I don't want to register on those sites. I appreciate the suggestions that were given to me concerning those sites, but it didn't work out.
  11. Animal TF art

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I think I'll try the content filters and see how it works out. I'll also check out Reddit. I'm looking forward to enjoying some good human-to-animal TFs! ^_^
  12. Animal TF art

    Maybe, but there's a lot of stuff on SoFurry that isn't clean, and I'm trying to avoid that.
  13. Animal TF art

    Thank you, I appreciate this! ^_^
  14. Animal TF art

    Thank you, I'll try that.
  15. Anthro Or Feral?

    I'd say feral, because if I was to (temporarily) physically become a fox, I'd want the physical transformation to go all the way (four legs and all). ^_^
  16. Animal TF art

    Thank you. I looked at Ifunny, but I didn't see a way to search for specific things. Is there a way to search the site?