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  1. Therians?????

    And another right here :3
  2. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Fortunately, being a werewolf is not that bad.
  3. Granted, but then you don't get that message with the :panic: . ^_^ I wish Valve learned to count to 3.
  4. Something that might help with seeing an illusion of yourself, the way you want to see yourself, might be to go into a room that is so dark that you literally can't see the hand in front of your face. Then know that your hand is front of your face and kind of imagine how it would look the way you want it to look. You'd be surprised how much you can see in total darkness.
  5. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    fortunately, the bypass is built as way for the refugees to get to another planet that is more suited for them.
  6. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Fortunately, pieces of the planet each have enough gravity to attract enough space junk to eventually build more planets.
  7. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Fortunately, the black hole created a wormhole that got them to the planet faster.
  8. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Fortunately, a fleet of Allarrae (Kind of space aliens with the ability to control time, whether, shape shift, and a bunch of other stuff.)(from a book I'm reading.) detected eminent destruction of the planet unless they intervene.
  9. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Fortunately, the multiple sides of the war alliance to fight against the four horseman.
  10. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Fortunately, the killed was evil.
  11. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Fortunately, there is a random EMP that goes off
  12. For me I wouldn't get any feeling after the files, just some feeling during the files. But what I found to be helpful to me is to think about how your tail would feel in your day to day life. I started off by whenever I would sit I would think about moving my tail to one side so that I would't be sitting on it. Now I just think about the position or where my tail would in everything I do. Hope this was helpful. ^_^
  13. FurMorphed's Friendly Q&A Game

    A hard boiled egg. Have you ever gone black friday shopping?
  14. Granted, but the computer starts crashing doing regular things like checking Facebook and twitter. (my gaming laptop does this) I wish humans used more common sense.
  15. What are you currently reading?

    It was third person and through out the chapter it would switch to different locations to show what some characters were doing and some times it would go back in time slightly to show what 2 different characters were doing at the same time in 2 different places. The last book I read before this one was Mockingjay maybe 4 years ago and the writing styles are completely different so it felt weird to me at first.