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  1. January: · The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death 2/10 · Selma 8/10 · Taken 3 2-/10 · Paddington 7-/10 · The Boy Next Door 2-/10 · Blackhat 5/10 · Cake 5+/10 · Inherent Vice 3+/10 · The Wedding Ringer 4+/10 · American Sniper 5+/10 · Strange Magic 2-/10 · Mortdecai 1/10 · The Loft 0/10 · Black Sea 6+/10 · Black or White 6/10 · Project Almanac 7-/10 February: · Out of the Dark 0/10 · Everly 4+/10 · Wild Card 4/10 · The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water 4/10 · The Voices 7-/10 · Girlhouse 4/10 · What We Do In The Shadows 8-/10 · Wyrmwood 4+/10 · McFarland, USA 5+/10 · Maps to the Stars 4+/10 · Still Alice 7-/10 · Mr. Turner 9-/10 · The Seventh Son 2+/10 · Jupiter Ascending 1/10 · Fifty Shades of Grey 5+/10 · Kingsman: The Secret Service 6/10 · The Last 5 Years 5/10 · The Lazarus Effect 2-/10 · Hot Tub Time Machine 2 3+/10 · Focus 5+/10 · The DUFF 6-/10
  2. Granted, you'll be angsty all the time, from now on, spare this moment. I wish Rapunzel would have died.
  3. 50 Shades of Black has just become the best selling book of all time. Also, none of the other colors exist. Minor setback. I wish 5 Nights at Freddy's was actually 5 nights, instead of a 6th and a custom night.
  4. Granted, but it only works once, and once you use it, your computer will BSOD. The only file you will be able to regain will be the compressed file. In its original state. I wish I could think of a wittier wish.
  5. I'm okay with this. Granted. It was never made, as Nintendo went bankrupt before they could. None of the other Nintendo games past that point exist, either. I wish I could consistently sit down and write every day.
  6. Granted. Now, anyone who wants to become a lawyer can do so without any formal training or intelligence whatsoever, and they can do whatever they want to practice. I wish youtube comments weren't a cesspool of stupid hostility and stupid responses.
  7. Granted, religious nuts turn into nihilists and start preaching about how pointless life is and why we should end it all. I wish Togashi wasn't always on a hiatus.
  8. Granted. Pick one of two: 1) However, the government, which regulates this new, magical, extermination list, also includes furries. 2) The world exploded. Everything went extinct, including those aforementioned things. I wish Hunter x Hunter's new anime was localized and released on blu-ray in the west coast.
  9. Granted, somewhere in the world, someone made a wish. It wasn't corrupted. I wish...
  10. But that's just off 5 reviews. This... ...and this... ...are much higher praises.
  11. Granted, but all of this is an alien simulation, and you're gonna be dissected tomorrow. I mean, let's be honest here: this is just too good to be true. I wish I didn't have ADHD.
  12. Granted, but I cannot grant a wish, as there is none. You missed your chance to get a wish of a lifetime granted, there. I wish Urobochi Gen wrote something as good as Madoka again.
  13. Granted. Now you have a ridiculously large drug dealer loan you're incapable of repaying. (That's the last The Room reference I'll make, I swear) I wish I knew which screenplay to start writing first. The one about a kid with Aspergers, or the one about a time travelling mansion that leads to the day before, and the day before that?
  14. You killed him. You're the cause of all of this. - Mark, The Room. Congratulations. You've changed the law of physics. Now nothing can ever be devoured, or even decomposed. Soon enough, the earth will be populated by our corpses, and then, the universe will be filled with our remains! What have you done?! I wish I had a Banette costume.