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  1. Anthro Or Feral?

    What Eozdniw said applies mostly to me, too: Transformations into feral animals (actually the aftermath) are incredibly fascinating to me because the transformee faces a situation that no human being will ever experience. First of all, he's stuck in a entirely different body with new instincts and a changed perception, so he has to learn how to use his new body, how to suppress/use his instincts, how to communicate etc. Secondly, due to his changed appearance and possibly changed behavior (due to instincts or limitations of the body), other humans don't recognize him as whoever he was before and only consider him as animal and treat him as such. As a consequence, if he has become a feral animal, he now has to live in the wilderness, hunt for his food and avoid predators. If he has become a domestic animal, the change of lifestyle isn't that harsh, but being one's pet certainly is also a very interesting situation, especially if the owner is someone the transformee knows. Just like Eozdniw, I can't explain the reasoning, but these are things I enjoy about feral TFs. It explains why I find anthro TFs quite boring: The transformee is still ~50% human and can still talk, which takes away most of said struggles. TFs into another person are incredibly boring to me. Oh, and to answer the thread's question: I used to be a feral fox furry, probably due to the reasons above.
  2. I googled "animal tf hypnosis". What a unique story…
  3. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    I started playing Skyrim again a few weeks ago. I couldn't play it for a long time because I switched to Linux Mint, but I found a good guide about how to get it to work – it runs surprisingly well.