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  1. What is a tulpa? [CURIOSITY]

    Sorry Kanibal, I just now read this and removed my comment.
  2. List Of Games

    goodness lol final fantasy 4 ~12 chrono trigger chrono cross summon sword..both been a long time zelda ocarina of time * Majora's mask * oracle of seasons *oracle of ages *twilight princess *links awakening spyro...original *ripto's rage *dawn of the dragons tales of phantasia Okami .....thats all I can think of atm, I'm a big rpg fan.
  3. How Did You Find Furmorphed

    It was a mixture between Warpmymind, hypnosis site, and google. someone mentioned it on wmm and I googled what it was. seems like a interesting site to say the least.
  4. Anime & Manga

    I'd have to say slayers, escaflowne, the old voltron, I love digimon. I love the original transformers, but it's not really a anime. some concider it one but it was created in the united states then sold to Japan, then back to the us lol.
  5. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    I go mostly rpgs been working on Zelda oracles of seasons, and getting ready to start minish cap. I'm a really big zelda fan, beaten Ocarina of time, majora's mask, twilight princess, oracle of ages, links awakening. I also play a lot of the older rpgs, beaten chrono cross, working on crono trigger, final fantasy, played 4-11 only beaten 7 and 9. and various random rps and harvest moons...when I want something to just eat time away lol.