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  1. Astral projection hypnosis

    I've played around with both, short answer hypnosis isn't a short cut. If you want to lucid dream you have to put in the work and keep a journal. Hypnosis basically acts as mediation for these subjects. If you are interested I've found YouTube "Paul santisi" has a few decent guided meditation files but I've yet to experience true Astro projection.
  2. Some Worries

    Whenever I do any form of transformation hypnosis I always set an "undo" trigger something I can activate if my transformation is effecting me in a negative way. For instance if I keep getting distracted by my phantom tail I can use this trigger to remove it temporarily until im in a better situation.
  3. questions:

    I can note one physical change that occurs during hypnosis. I've been wearing a Fitbit for the past few months, my standard resting heart rate is about 75bpm average after a self hypnosis session I was setting at 66bpm. So the act of hypnosis will allow yourself to become far more relaxed then on average. I'll continue checking this to test this theory. PS I understand this was not what you intended when you asked about physical change but I feel it's worth mentioning.
  4. How does text hypnosis work?

    I seen a little bit of this. I believe the intended goal is to immerse yourself like when you read a good book or to get you in that mind set though I'm kinda just guessing it really hasn't worked well for me
  5. Misdirection Hypnosis

    Post deleted
  6. Opinion on Tails

    If you've read my success stories you'll know I purchased a cheap tail in order to act as a prop. I used it daily for about a month then stopped mostly because it needs brushing, anyways it's been about two months since I've used it and it still shows up in my dreams. It seems like if I have a lucid/simi-lucid dream it shows up. Please note I have not seen or touched the thing for 2 months and I am still able to visualize it in size color and texture. If you are having trouble visualizing you may consider picking one up as a prop if you are big in the fandom you can always pick one up at a con if not just shop around some places sell pelt style others sell fake fur. It's a little weird but it seems to help, atleast in my case.
  7. Strange Dream And Day

    Cool that you could recall such detail. For some reason it seems dreams in which you are injured or die seem so much more detailed, anyway dreams most of the time are just subconscious mind trying to work out a senario maybe in this case I'm probably over thinking it but my take is transhuminism occurs to the point some people become hybrid animals and you are witnessing the fallout and how you would react to the new discrimination. I tend to take things too literal it probably doesn't mean anything serious but you could always go so far as to turn it into a story, could be interesting.
  8. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    If you don't mind spending a few bucks you can purchase several books on self hypnosis. I would recommend how to master self hypnosis in a weekend. It goes over some basic techniques for going into trance to include self triggers for trance. I've only scratched the surface but aside from the trance trigger I also set up a way to tell when I'm in trance/being hypnotised and a few others. The book is just under $5 on Kindle book store and links three basic scripts that follow the book.
  9. Therians?????

    This isn't 100% but short answer is Body=human Spirit =animal
  10. Heat Management

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tummo It's unlikely you are experiencing true tummo, however if you are only experiencing the temperature increase during trance you may be triggering something close to the effect. I had heard stories about monks practicing meditation were the monks would alter their core temperature in order to dry soaking wet sheets in freezing weather. You may be unintentionally increasing your temperature depending on your focus when attempting trance. My suggestions would be try to imagine a cool breeze while going under, and if that isn't quite enough ware a cool damp rag on your forehead or simply using a fan on a low setting . Also after a short session if the rag is noticeable hot you had a fever.
  11. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    Elder Scrolls online for Xbox one DOZENTHWINTER12
  12. Sorry I've been away for a bit I've been trying different means of mental stimulation focusing more towards lucid dreaming. It seems fitting to post here how to tell if you're sleeping instead of trance well why not do both. I have found this site very helpful and it sticks with the hypnosis theme in the since some of the methods for induction involve a two part hypnosis part 1 sets the ground work while part 2 is more of a reinforcer you use before sleeping. well let me know what you think. http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/lucid-dreaming-techniques.html
  13. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    Somehow I managed to get roped into Pokemon again currently playing Y
  14. There are several variables when using files you level of trance, acceptance of the scripts, doubt of effect, lack of desire, lack of trust with the hypnotist, general nervousness, etc. I feel that I have better effects preforming self hypnosis but then again I got my start from transformation meditation which is essentially the same thing. One of the biggest problems is self doubt, if you don't believe the desired effect is possible then it will be very hard to get results. Believe in yourself and in what you are trying to achieve.