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    history/Culture, Computers, Horror, animals, science, playing warthunder.
  1. I would have applause to mike for such amazing work and I hope that he will continue doing at what he does best.
  2. List Of Games

    I think I have a normal amount for a person who uses steam. (which accumulated $1,323.94CDN) -7 Days To Die -Arma Franchise -Company of Heroes Franchise -Entire Valve Pack -Cry Of Fear -The Darkness II -Prison Architect -Dust: An Elysian Tail -Fallout:new Vegas -Five Nights at Freddy's Series -FTL: Faster Than Light -Garry's mod -Grand Theft Auto IV -Heroes & Generals -Just Cause Franchise -Orion: Prelude -Papers Please -Payday 2 -Pixel Piracy -Plague Inc: -Red Orchestra Franchise -RoboCraft -Sid Meier's civilization V -South Park: Stick of Truth -Space Engineers Terraria -Unturned -Warthunder (I play This The Most) -Wargame Franchise -Amnesia: The Dark Descent -Bioshock Franchise -The Dead Linger -Don't Starve -Skyrim -Saints Row IV -The Sims 3 -Sniper Elite V2 (And the nazi zombie army Franchise) -Spore Franchise -State of Decay -Stronghold 3 -Surgeon Simulator -Loadout -No more Room In Hell -Alan Wake Franchise Overall I think I Have a lot and even more but hey, who can resist those sales.
  3. Species?

    I would say Fox because I think they are very fascinating, due to their unique characteristics that are similar to both felines and canines. Plus I really like their soft coats and personality.
  4. Anthro Or Feral?

    I would go with anthro, because I would like to experience the form of a feral creature but also have a capabilities of a person since I'm not good the wild.
  5. Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Wish granted, when you arrived at the college, you realize that they weren't prepared for you. I wish everyone was an anthro and become anything that reflects their personality.
  6. Anime & Manga

    well I've been watching Death Note which was I think was a great series and I also seen Full Metal Alchemist a while ago which I also really liked. I also been watching Digimon, also Hetalia and I do believe they are great series, in my opinion.
  7. FurMorphed's Friendly Q&A Game

    Yes I had a long time ago which was around middle school I think the teacher we all looked up to was an EA and what she does is sometimes completely random like for example, she would meow beginning of period 4 which made my class thought our EA was crazy but she's normal most of the time and she was really nice in our classroom. What is your favorite Genre of music and why?
  8. well, I recently watched Back to the future and i thought it was really good even though it is around 30 years old.
  9. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    right now I'm playing War thunder since I really like its game play and its vast open world But other than that I usually play some Team Fortress 2.