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  1. Granted, now you have got a greatest gaming computer... From 1995. I wish I was more active here.
  2. I'm not really into retro gaming, even though I have 4 GameBoys (I had 5, but one died in... Experiments. One is coming from the mail soon). I'm more interested in how old electronics work (and what kind of sound they output). Unfortunately I live in the area where arcade machines are nowhere to be seen. I'd love to build an arcade cab by myself though.
  3. Nah. Do you wear/have/collect jewelry?
  4. My father is two-handed. He's really left handed though, but he was forced to use right hand in the school. Thus he's as handy with both hands (pun not intended). Do you have any plans for the next week?
  5. Granted. After 5th night the world ends. I wish I wasn't so angsty right now.
  6. Granted, now everyone hears Nickelback's music coming from somewhere. I wish markers didn't smell at all.
  7. At the moment I am reading 3 different course books. Atkinson & Hilgard's Introduction To Psychology, Psykiatria (Psychiatry in English) published by Duodecim, and Soili Poijula's Lapsi ja kriisi (Child and Crisis).
  8. If I can't choose a country where I already live, I might would choose Norway. Have you bought or got anything recently?
  9. My favourite school subjects are/were arts, psychology and English. Did you do anything special yesterday?
  10. Granted, now daytime is always dark and grey. I wish I could meet all of you IRL.
  11. I should draw more.

  12. I would take any mid-to-high-end tablet device and show how much average consumer's electronic devices has developed. What do sheeps count when they are going to sleep?
  13. Granted, but you can't get hypnotized. I wish I wasn't so shy.
  14. A pair of shoes. Which one do you prefer more, mechanical pencil or just a pencil?
  15. Imagine playing Skyrim with this mod + Oculus Rift. ... Now that I think about it, how much did Oculus Rift cost again?