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  1. Astral projection hypnosis

    I don't know of any good stuff for this, help?
  2. Safe hypnosis

    How can I safely be hypnotized?
  3. Hey

    Kinda new here, even though Im not.
  4. How do I get someone to fix me if they cause hypnotic harm? :o

    1. Amaroq Starwind

      Amaroq Starwind

      You should probably go to another hypnotist and yet yourself deprogrammed, and set out a warning against the one who caused you harm so that others know to stay away.

    2. Sabre


      Sorry it took me a while to see this, but yeah, Amaroq is pretty spot-on. If someone causes hypnotic harm accidentally, then tell them outright what's going on and talk with them about a solution. If there's reason to suspect they've done it deliberately or maliciously, then please feel free to contact me on here by PM (or other staff here, of course), or come by the Discord server and talk to us there about it. 

  5. Just joined, any tips for some newbie? :3