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  1. Why did you/want to be a furry?

    Haha, funny story to that. Art class in highschool, did an assignment about transformation. So while other students did butterflies, and such, I chose mutha flippin' werewolves!!! Ended up on the transformation story archive. And the interactive stories archive. Wow. Then I found, vcl. Yes. Vixen Controlled Library. At some point I found some therian website. Didn't feel connected to it. Then found furries.
  2. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Unfortunately, they discovered broadcasting equipment.
  3. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Unfortunately, the hands decided to make a boy band.
  4. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    Fortunately, that masked man donated them to charity.
  5. Fortunately - Unfortunately

    So, here's how this works. You either do fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on the poster above you. Example: Poster #1: Unfortunately, Sally forgot her lunch. Poster #2: Fortunately, Jack had enough to share. I'll start. Fortunately the shop sold deoderant.