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  1. Granted, but you accidentally get turned into a bowl of chowder. I wish the next person's wish would not be corrupted.
  2. Wish granted, but you can only focus on one thing at a tme. If you stop focusing on you're breathing, you will stop breathing and die. I wish I wouldn't be late to work anymore.
  3. I will never be able to look at furniture stores the same way again...
  4. I've made some pretty good progress in the past with hypnosis. I had some pretty good phantom limb sensations of a tail and fur, along with some personality changes. (even though I didn't try to change my personality, it just sort of happened O.o). Triggers are pretty useful. They usually work better for me than a file that tires to create a constant chage. At the very least you can use a trigger to get yourself into the right mindset to change. Also, you can always use diffrent files, like one that makes a constant change, and other that installs a trigger. As long as the files are trying to cause similar changes everything should work together. As for physical and personality traits; I'm not sure if hypnosis can actually cause a physical change. No matter how much you listen to a file, you are not really going to grow a tail or anything. But it can be used to make you belive that you have one. Some people are able to "feel" things are arn't really there with the help of hypnosis, and some people can even cause visual halluciantions to "see" it as well. Hypnosis does work in changing your midset, and a lot of people here are trying to use it to change themselves in some way. I like to try and visualize my fursona through out the day, but really don't try to focus on it except at night before falling asleep. It can be helpful to have a set time that you work on visualization and make it part of your normal routine. But there is no reason you can't work on it throughout the day, like when watching tv or doing something that dosn't require a lot of attention. Same thing as what Star Crusher said, these are good questions, and you don't need to apoligize. Hope this helps a bit, and glad to have you join.
  5. Granted, but your control over the weather dirves a weater reporter insane, and he kills you. I wish I could read people's minds.
  6. Yes, we post until it ends, now if you don't mind we have a funeral to arrange for a phone.... what? I'm not crazy!
  7. O.o what kind of phone do you have?
  8. I can vouch for him! Also, has anyone heard about the weird stuff going on in England? Something about a bunch of squirrels running around.
  9. *pokes Volk's ear button*
  10. Wait, is that popcorn playing the violin? Its really good. People would pay money to watch/hear this!
  11. But if you stop running, then its the same as if you kept running and ate the popcorn... there is no way to win!
  12. But won't the popcorn make you fat.... So you are just going to remain where you are if you eat it while running. (also, that was just some make popcorn for display, its made of styrofoam or something.)
  13. Amazing! The final few episodes blew my mind. Although the writers may of had some weird obsession with spirals....
  14. I have a game system that takes blue ray and a microwave that cooks popcorn. Home theater achieved!
  15. ...Something looks different with accursedCursive's post, but I don't know what.....