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    A bizarre passion for learning, and not spending too much time on things, appreciate quality and thought.
  1. Best of luck on your trip Oros.
  2. It is hard to find a good necromancer. Trying to type as a ghost is a really hard thing.... oh.. I am slipping away again... find.... dance.. ("psychic" phenomena of course, that makes loads of cash. How else does someone know what card you choose. Ghosts, duh)
  3. How else do we tell ourselves apart? ..... The transparent caramel beings are weaker anyway, no concentration, no thickness.
  4. Unfortunately, the charity for imploding bunnies is still doing strong.
  5. Yes! I am now a translucent caramel fighter!
  6. We must combine our caramel forms into a 'prw rangr'-style fighter to battle this foe! I came to accept my caramel body after an intence journey of self re-discovery.
  7. Oh man, pecan, not because it is like a nut....why would you say that, almonds,walnuts, mmmmmmmm.
  8. With reality restored to what it was before, *uses stars to do actions* My, my fingers, they are getting, transparent and sticky!
  9. Ugh, I don't feel to good guys, my, belly, this isn't right. Putting fingers in the air to make "air quotes" so are *-- - ---* an ok way a action-ing?
  10. Not reality, anything but that. Restore it back! Restore our reality back! I will, I will do... anything to have it back.
  11. Swim, get out of there. It's draining!
  12. Wow, what has been happening in there? Hey, you two, you alright? You have been down there for a long time.
  13. I am just going to look down and not move for hours.
  14. *I doodle with my finger in the caramel* Ah, I feel so much better; proper; refined.
  15. *sits and plays in the caramel leak*