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  1. RT @SimoneHufana: MISSING CHILD ALERT: Amber has been missing for over a week and she's only 12, this is serious and needs to be a PSA http…

  2. https://t.co/5Dm0C0bllI

  3. @RoboMattias @HeffboomKonijn I call glow, then!

  4. RT @cafedotcom: It's terrifying to think your child could be sharing a restroom with a Republican lawmaker. https://t.co/8QU2MAEI3p https:/…

  5. It's been four months since FC, and I'm still cleaning up polyfill from @SuitADile and @Denimwizard

  6. RT @jessie_pup: Ultra, one of @bannedfromkmart's amazing characters! #b3d https://t.co/i840DVN0qZ

  7. @Isgra06 I accept this blame.

  8. RT @kitkittybot: Streaming! Working on a fun picture for @UnitZeroSix and @ikani ! https://t.co/QWJdgUrusR

  9. RT @ravenmaster1: Raven cuddles https://t.co/HdOMeDryRi

  10. RT @gravislizard: clipping error @mcclure111 https://t.co/NBtyfxIEWJ

  11. RT @RikerGoogling: tribble costume convention schedule

  12. RT @Sumdian: I'm so happy VR came out so I can finally escape this digital prison and possess anyone foolish enough to put on a headset!!

  13. RT @crushingbort: what the fuck kind of chicanery is this lol https://t.co/U3efaX2mIK https://t.co/qjHtVfYRL3

  14. RT @Karishad: The Amazon Delivery Service (Ads) will be setup so instead of signing for a package, u have to watch two ads before the drive…

  15. RT @LisaDib1: "I'll explain on the way, just get in" https://t.co/DAlSgMLYyv