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  1. No link to the announcement?
  2. My view is that anything can be changed with the correct psychological techniques and discipline; it's just that there's a huge range of difficulties in modifying things. It's easy to imagine feeling something, to the point where the tangibility is a fraction of what it would be if it were real; but in normal daylight, it's simply too difficult for a normal person to make any noticable change to what they see. Similarly, physical changes will have a variety of difficulties in what can be influenced. Anything controlled by hormones or is frequently adjusted by the brain will be relatively easy to influence; metabolism and muscle growth are probably the most easily controlled in the category of things that change physical appearance. Skin also has some cases of being manipulated, though far fewer; the brain is only meant to replace skin at a constant rate and occasionally repair it, so there's no already-existent complex controls over skin. Bone should also be controllable, but of course it will be the hardest of all, given how little is done with it.
  3. Wish granted, you're trapped at work. I wish I knew what to do with the 20 buttons on my mouse.
  4. Meanwhile, English imageboards obsess over Nichijou. I suppose the talent of the creators was culturally misplaced.
  5. Never seen that movie. I was thinking of the natural derivation; a virtually identical scene with more of a comedic orientation.
  6. A mirror displaying 3D images (Capable of parallax) like the one in the video would be impossible without using a hologram. But an eye-tracker would allow the image to be made to appear perfectly 3D for a single viewer (This technique was used by the protagonist's fake hallway in the movie "Get Smart", if I recall correctly).
  7. Those are some pretty spectacular levels of tentacle rape.
  8. It turns out the only reason we don't bite is because we can't through the internet (Hypnosis fun aside). I wish for all humans to be fun-sized.
  9. There have been a number of successes at optical perception here.
  10. Based it off a single Roblox item. Yup.
  11. You freeze in the arctic, and the fox eats your corpse. Oregon trail: Way outside Oregon edition. "My greatest wish is a world without Jews"
  12. A dolphin? I'm glad my holidays just started, I want to try fire up file production here again. Well, I bet either Haxsaw or ViVe has you covered on the horse bit, the perveted neckbeards.
  13. We're out of anesthetic. I wish planets orbited our sun like electrons orbit a nucleus.
  14. I think "adult in nature" is an understatement for CoC, I've heard the backstory of it. How many different ways can tentacle rape occur?
  15. For a while, less and less as you make progress, focus on not having thoughts during trance and listening to the file. While this focus would obviously cause problems, done for long enough you should automaticaly end up quelling your thoughts and paying attention.