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  1. How Far Away Are We?

    Your arguement is often to come up when discussing fully immersive VR, and it is a good one. However, there are two reasons why it should not be a problem. The first is the basic psyc. of 3rd order intelligence animals, such as humans and dolphins, and that is, thinking of future consequences. This can be exemplified in similar experiments done to a rat and a dolphin. In both cases, two electrodes where hooked up to the area of the brain directly below the hypothalamus, which acts as the pleasure center of the brain. When a plate was pushed by either animal, the electrodes would fire and intense pleasure would be felt by both animals. In both cases, the animals repeatedly pushed the plate for hours, but this is where their stories diverge. The rat continues to press the lever until he dies from starvation, compared to the dolphin, who leaves the plate, eats and swims around, then continues to push. This future thinking also is present in humans, however, those who are younger have less of this sense, and uncoincidentally show a greater affinity to drugs, pornography and video games, as these also stimulate pleasure centers. It is possible that age limits will be set for use of immersive VR, but due to our own existence at the moment, this should not be a problem. The second reason that this should not be a problem is the steady increase in automation of the workplace as well as human population and longevity that will lead to shorter workdays and higher unemployment. Driver-less vehicles will remove millions upon millions of jobs including traffic law enforcement, vehicular insurance, aircraft piloting, bus, truck, and taxi driving, and shipping. Manufacturing is also becoming more and more automated. New experiments in Europe are trying out the effects of shorter work days, with overwhelmingly positive results. All of this points to more and more free time, which could be taken up by an all inclusive entertainment system. Also, immersive VR creates a dream like state in your brain, so theoretically, one could replace sleep with more recreation time. Once again, sources provided upon request within 2-3 days.
  2. How Far Away Are We?

    Fully Immersive virtual reality is the best bet, in my opinion, for actually experiencing being a furry for extended periods of time. By brain stimulation, and brain interpretation, two proven concepts that work in reality, we could see, smell, feel, and interact with a virtual world, where there are no physical limitations. The problem with IRL transformation is the reluctance of the general populace to blur the lines between human and animal. This reluctance can be exemplified in the case when two British scientists somatically fused a mouse cell and a hela cell, which was a cell from a human cell line. This caused an uproar in the general populace when no real harm was being done. Could you imagine the persecution of those who underwent this furry tf therapy, which is in fact scientifically impossible in my opinion. Even if it wasn't impossible, the demand for such a product would be so low no one would spend the capital to research it. This is because the sole application for such a product would be for furries, which, at the current rate of growth/decay in the furry community, is less than 1 million persons. Comparitively, an immersive VR technology could be used to train personell in ultra realistic conditions, (i.e. army /medical /pilots) for entertainment, buisness, (virtual meetings), and design. With current advancements in computers and brain computer interactions, a fully immersive VR could be feasible within the next 20 years. My apologies for the numerous typos, as I wrote this as quickly as possible on my phone :3, and for posting to a just barely over 2 week old topic, but I feel, since my approach has, as far to my knowledge, yet to be discussed, it could benefit this discussion. Also, to those who are skeptical of my reasoning, I have links to some of the sources of my information, which I am happy to provide upon request within two to three days. And finnaly, to those who think I am pessimistic when it comes to the topic discussed, I assure you, as my membership on this website suggests, I am just as desperate as you all to experience myself as my fursona. However, I attempt to isolate my unrestrained passion from my work in order to more logically approach the problem at hand.
  3. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    War thunder is one of my current faves, its a lot easier to get newer and better planes, for me anyway. I also enjoy civ 5 if I get to play a nice long game with someone else, not just the AI. I would be playing bf4 a lot more, because its a nice game, when it works.... :/ Any other civ or war thunder gamers out there, send me a message, I dont want to give my steam account to anyone, after all, im still a closet furry :\ Also, REMOVE KEBAB
  4. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    My faves: bf4 war thunder civ 5 kerbal space program world of tanks, occasionally
  5. Why did you/want to be a furry?

    Whatch out, im about to get pretty deep here. As long as i remember, i've had dreams of becoming an animal, ussually a wolf. I didnt really know what they were about, but there was always a recurring character, a she-wolf with deep green eyes that you could loose yourself in. I always kept these dreams to myself. Then, i got "the talk", but i still didnt link the feelings i had as sexual ones for quite a while, and when i did, i felt strange, out of place. Whilst browsing a picasa gallery online i ran into one of goldenwolf's paintings, black gold. The way that the wolf in that painting looked into my eyes, it reminded me of the wolf in my dreams. So, i looked more into goldenwolf, then i found out about the fandom. Some parts of it i like, but others i was kind of grossed out by. I stayed on the outer fringes of the fandom until recently becuase i've moved out for colledge. Now im starting to know the fandom better, as most furries, contrary to popular belief, are normal, if a bit nerdy, people. And most of them are in the same boat I am, we never really became furries, we just were
  6. How Did You Find Furmorphed

    I found out through the discription of a hypnosis file on FA