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  1. I feel like a lot of people who watch this, and CGP Grey himself, are taking the split brain idea a little too far by making it seem as though there are two thinking entities communicating in people who are not split-brained. Many functions of the mind are done in both hemispheres, while others are more localized to specific regions on either hemisphere, but in someone who still has their corpus callosum intact, the two halves of our brain act as one unit. The notion that the right brain is a silent entity from birth that learns to just go along with left brain is pretty far fetched and there doesn't seem to be any evidence to support it. What is seen here, is just the two hemispheres processing the data the same as they always have, but without being able to utilize the structures and functions on the opposite hemisphere. Somewhat related, there is an interesting idea written about by Julian Jaynes called "bicameralism" in his book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. The idea is that early humans might have been composed of a silent and obeying part and a "speaking part. The right brain would pass on information through auditory hallucinations to the left brain. To the individual, this might have come across as a voice from God, or of a "conscience". The bicameral system would lack the ability for metacognition, being able to think about how you are thinking, which seems like an odd conclusion. Jaynes thought that this form of cognition died out as metaphorical language arose and was replaced with the conscious mode of thought. But it seems to me that if a bicameral brain system could not work in a metaphorical language, then it wouldn't be able to create one either, so something else must have triggered the switch if it ever was bicameral. What's really interesting, is that newer studies have shown that auditory hallucinations do seem to originate in the right temporal-parietal lobe and cross over into the left, giving at least some credence to this idea. As for how it might play into hypnosis, I don't think it really changes anything. The current forms of hypnosis already work quite well, and auditory hypnosis can't really target just one hemisphere. In split-brain studies, the right hemisphere can't process abstract ideas and concepts as well as the left, so I don't know if isolating information to the right side would help, as it would probably pass the information over to the left for interpretation anyways. The two hemispheres might just be too integrated to be able to take advantage of the weaknesses in one side. And if you had a split-brain, the consciousness you think of as you,and what you experience, may not be the one affected. Also, for anyone more interested in the topic, here is an article from UTD about split-brain patients that goes into more detail about some of the experiments done on them. I just found it while doing some research for this post, so I haven't read all of it yet, but it looked pretty interesting at a glance.
  2. Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Granted, but only a few modules exist, and all of them are big, unweildy, and cover up the screen. I wish I could fly.
  3. What should everyone be watching?

    Game of Thrones is an absolutely amazing show, pretty graphic, but amazing. Although, it might be hard to watch since it's only on HBO right now. It's currently in it's 4th season.
  4. What If?

    Mwbattle, I think you summed up pretty effectively the macro affects that this sort of event would bring on, so I'm going to focus on the micro affects within relations I would expect to see. Predator/prey relationships, families, the work place, politics, and ergonomics are going to be subject to major changes in this scenario. If everyone becomes part animals, it would make sense that some are going to become prey based species, and others will be predators. Will their be mental changes as well, instincts? If so, many people may not be able to control themselves, and will probably prey on other species. This will create tension and fear, driving those who become prey species to collect in their own towns/neighbor hoods. Gated communities would become more and more prominent, being made specifically for each species. even if they predator species do not prey on the others, there will still be the fear of them doing so, separating people who were once friends. Naturally, the stronger species will also become leaders, with the weaker ones being afraid to challenge them. As for families, only a couple scenarios will have much of an affect; will families members all become the same species, or will they all be random. If they become the same species, then their will be a chance for them to become closer, figuring out how to cope with the changes they are all going through. They will face more of the same problems than before. However, if they become different species, then It could tear families apart. During the civil war, all it took were opposing views on slavery to drive brother against brother. For some family members to become predators, and others to become prey would do more damage. New Health codes would have to be implemented in the workplace. Many restaurants already require hair nets, so would anthros have to wear full body suits? What about long tails near dangerous machinery? Certain species will not be able to work in certain situations. Actually, on second thought, Politics won't change. Ergonomics would become incredibly difficult. Pants would have to have all different sizes for tail holes, digitigrade legs, Shoes would have to accommodate claws as would gloves. What kind of fabrics would go on over fur well? would people even need to wear clothes? Society would eventually adjust, just as the human race to date has improved from where we stood a thousand years ago, But it would take time. A lot of time to make the necessary adjustments and work out differences.
  5. Anime & Manga

    My Favorites: 1. Shingeki No Kyojen (Attack on Titan) 2. Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan 3. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 4. Trigun 5 Desert Punk 6. Macross Frontier 7. The first 60 or so episode of Bleach
  6. Species?

    Otters for me, such an awesome, sleek creature. And I love seafood.
  7. Anthro Or Feral?

    Feral. I really like being able to just imagine that I am the animal, walking on four paws, making animal sounds, etc.