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  1. Interesting.
  2. Basically yes. The files made a good foundation. then I started to build on it myself. which I am here today. An additional part I have been wondering. Can Temperature affect phantom limb?
  3. I used to use files at the beginning to get the basic building blocks. That is what I thought. After a while I noticed I didn't need them to start small feelings, Tingles. after the days turned into weeks which then turned into months and finally into a year. It grew into something that I always thought was a fantasy. Like all files say. They work for some people, Some they dont. They worked for me however I found them less useful as the days turned into weeks as It got to stage where I felt I was getting nothing out of them anymore I stopped them. I might try some new ones later and see what the results are. I will post them on when I get this results
  4. What do you mean wearing the tail during your off time? And I dont really listen to any files at the moment due to new job being demanding. But I used to listen to a few which I can find for you if you want. However they have got to a. strange stage with me now
  5. I have never done any tests as such. However I have noticed when I have it off, If someone walks past me too close. I will get a really 'odd' feeling that someone has touched me. I have had in a elevator a door shut behind me and I jumped as I felt something snag, but there was nothing there. And while I was waiting to get off, Someone moved behind me, They did not touch me in any way but I felt them Nudge something behind me which nothing was there. I really need to find someone to do controlled tests with me someday. I shall see. It is very odd in its way. It it an amazing feeling but I would like to find out more on how I did it myself. and how I can feel it to such an extent.
  6. Just an Additional Confirm. Since I was out Saturday with my friend in Thing me Bobs. We were looking at dog brushes, While I was looking at them I felt that really nice stroke/petting feeling, And it was my Friend brushing my tail with a dog brush. I also had a young child perhaps the age of 2 walk up behind me without noticing her. and she tugged the tip of my tail so gently that I turned around and saw her. Doing this caused my friend to ask "How did you know she was there, I saw her and she only just tugged it so lightly that you would not feel it" Well truth is.. I did. 478 Days in 30 minutes and Its getting Intense.
  7. Well actually there is. I was going to post about what has happened but completely forgot to. To cut a really really long story short, The phantom Limb Has been a huge success and still ongoing. 470 Days has passed with my tail on, Since I have worn it 470 days in a row I mean, Taking it off when I go to work and minor things but every day I have it on for at least 6 hours every day. But It has also gone up another level again. This time I seem to now have a nerve system starting to take place. At Cambridge furmeet while I was talking to a friend, another who had my tail on there lap decided to brush my tail as it was a bit messy, While they were doing this, I started zoning out while talking to my friend as I could feel something that felt really really 'Beautiful' Nice but could not understand what it was, as I turned around and saw her doing this I realized that I could feel her brushing my tail even tho she was doing it so light and it felt great. So me and my friend decided to put this to the test, Eyes closed and they will randomly brush my tail at different times and I had to tell when they did it. The outcome was a very happy one. And ever since that day I seem to be able to tell when people are touching my tail even with the lightest touch I can still feel something, And its growing stronger. This has got to a stage which I never thought even existed or I could achieve. But it is also Concerning on a level.
  8. It's starting to take an effect! The Phantom tail is kicking in!

  9. Okay to start off. Ive been keeping a tally on the days I have worn my tail Some of these days when I have not had any work I have had the tail on for 24 hours straight. MOST of the days I have had it on for nearly the whole day. The only time the tail is not on me is when I am work, Gym or in the bath. Ive gone up trees to cut them with it on, Ive done plumbing with the tail on, Heck I ride my push bike with the tail on! I started wearing the tail for the majority of the day 324 days ago and as I write this STILL have it on. Its nearly been a whole year! I have spent more time with it on then without it this last year. I first started off listening to some of the trace files but somehow I was not connection correctly to them. I then started in a different environment and with the tail on and I got a great connection with some of the files! Especially some files that made some really powerfull images in my mind which actually scared me a bit. However Kanibal told me this was okay and it slowly phased out. I continued to listen to these files and it started to get stronger. Until one day I decided that I will go 7 days with the tail on for most of the day and see where it went. Before I knew it My parents and friends have asked me why I was wearing it for such a long time, When they asked me I relized that somehow I compelatly forgotten how long I have had the tail on for and went to look at the calander to see when i started when I freaked out a bit when i found out that i have been wearing it for not 7 days but 21 days. Without relizing this I knew that somehow subconsciously I have changed to accept this very quickly. I now write this at 01.59AM on the 1st June 2014 with the tail still on and this is the 324 day ongoing Im going to call this a success as I have now started getting Phantom Limb syndrome when the tail is off for a long period and other 'Strange' feelings in that general area when I do not have the tail on. So I am going to call this a ongoing success as I keep thinking should I break the 324 days but there is a massive part of me that will not allow this to happen. I shall continue. For now.
  10. Keep going! I will get there in the end!

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      Life is a challenge... How'd you do? I believe I recognize your picture now from somewhere ;)

    2. Fox Cub

      Fox Cub

      YES! it is I. at your disposal *bows down* I bid you good day Kanibal. for as you can put 2 and 2 together to know it is me from FA :D

      like I said on FA I know a bit about you (not to make it sound creepy) from my very good friend Mylo. since I love stuff like this mylo showd me something to see if you are left or right brained. its amazing really :D

      The reason for this status is as you might of seen my topics about tail bone and feeling a strange phantom limb thingy and decide...

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      If you ever want to chat; the messengers I use are in my profile or Mylo can send you a contact card I'm sure

  11. I think I have done something wrong.

  12. Antilia? It's a Alpha still but I have played it everytime they put the servers online. Is it furry? well ile tell you something! you cannot find a playable human charactor! ;) you make your own character up! This Is me on antilia! Its not TF tho Sadly as it is an Alpha its buggy and They do not release it must at this time last time they did was in April. if you are intrested ;)
  13. Talking to a good friend on skype and he said he has a phantom limb tail. Asked him how come? talked a bit about that and sent me a link to this place. And as I have always had an intrest in this type of stuff I joined hoping to learn more. And find some answers out.
  14. Erm well to me I was always interested in this stuff since I was a baby, to really I didn’t get a choice to be one. Which is why when people ask that to me in public I just say "I didn't choose the furry life, The furry life chose me." I did spend a long time in denial with the whole thing because I never met anyone else like me so I assumed there was something wrong with me. Until I found the entire fandom out felt like a right donut. I still feel out of place tho. I also get alot of fur dreams and I day dream alot about them, when I was at school when I got the bus to and from school for 4 years I used to always look out of the window and see myself (in fursona) running with the bus, dodging cars and trees and other things to keep up with the bus, made time fly by every time i get on the bus it takes about 30 mins to get back but to me always felt about 10mins, Trying to talk to me on the bus will get you nothing out of me I was still and quiet as a dead body But yea the answer is, I don't really know what got me into it, you will have to go back in time and ask me when I was very young. But you will probably get a load of nonsense at that age. ohohohoh, Here is something that some of you might enjoy as I finish this off! I wrote a dream I remember out in a book, if you want you can read what I drempt about, It's weird but quiet amazing actually Fox_Cub