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  1. Furry/animal Tf Games ?

    There's the Bloody Roar series, fitting games where each fighter can tf into an anthro animal, but those are mostly for old consoles. There is also the Elder Scrolls series, if that counts, which in addition to anthro cats and lizards also features werewolves in a couple games
  2. I've never had any lessons or anything, though I had minor guidance at first on bass guitar, and though I've made effort at learning, I have little concept of being able to read music - I do everything by ear. Piano: started by banging on keys as a baby, been teaching myself ever since but never got to what I would consider really good at it Recorder: everyone in America learns this one, I think, but I was like the star of the class. I quickly dropped it though Bass guitar: picked it up because my high school music class didn't have a bassist and learned fast. This is the one instrument I feel I'm really good at, I could probably take over for any band whose music I know well enough, and I can even write bass lines, something I'm not fluent enough to do with any other instrument Guitar: got a Squier Strar for Christmas a few months ago and I've pretty much got a hang of chords, though note picking I suspect will take much longer to master. Harmonica: trying to learn, but not very diligently. Upright bass: tried once, and found I really adapted to it fast from bass guitar experience, though these are prohibitively expensive for me right now Vocals: iuno if this counts as an instrument, but people at my high school still remember my performance of Walking In Memphis on piano/vocals in 2006. I have a sort of unique voice: a very deep voice, a bit like Bob Mould meets Marc Cohn Song writing: no. XD
  3. How Did You Find Furmorphed

    I've been looking into hypnosis as a means of relaxation with some success, and one day found myself wondering if there were other furries into it, and clearly that's a yes :D