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  1. Species?

    I'm just a boring old fox, but it's what I've been for the longest time so I don't mind to me foxes just represent a bunch of respectable qualities, intelligence, curiosity, and maybe even a little bit of deviousness.
  2. Anthro Or Feral?

    Why not both? I see it more of a gradient rather than either black or white. And for that matter how much of the brain would be feral rather than anthro/human. It seems to me that there are always some core psychological attributes that we as humans would never like to give up. Personally I probably would fall closer to feral, maybe 70% of the way there
  3. I think there is a considerable difference, in one way you are completely focused on the hypnotist. When you are sleeping you have lost that focus. In trance everything should fade out of your attention other than the hypnotist himself. If you can get better at meditation without falling asleep you might be more successful with hypnotism without falling asleep