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  1. Sometimes I wonder if I went to sleep or not when I trance. Now I know one way to tell was whether or not you come out of it during the awakener, but what if you don't have one? I tend to loop my files, so I was wondering if anybody had any other reg flags to look for.
  2. Anthro Or Feral?

    I thought it might be interesting to discuss whether one considers themselves a feral furry or an anthro furry and why. Personally I consider myself to be an anthro because I can't imagine me living my life without hands, and for whatever reason, being full feral just feels weird to me, whereas anthro feels more "right". (though I have had those days when four legs just seemed more appealing).
  3. Anime & Manga

    hmmm. I don't read much manga for financial reasons, but as far as anime goes, FLCL, and Trigun are my favorites. currently watching One Piece and Toriko. But I have whole list a shows that I need to get around to seeing which include: Baccano! Serial Experiments Lain, and Welcome to the NHK.
  4. Species?

    I've found I identify with eevees for I reason I can't quite put my finger on. I don't even like the games or shows... and as far as appearance of a significant other I'd say I like house cats (*looks at name*) although I think another eevee would be nice. might understand each other better you know?