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  1. *sneaks in like a coon and steals yo cake* ^^
  2. Well, then you should answer what got you into Hypnosis/Trances, that made you want to start up a site about it? Hmmmm? ^_^
  3. Short story shorter... I googled "furry hypnosis" and voila! I find hypnosis to be an interesting subject and thought that I'd make a profile. and that's the story of my whole life up until today!... Wanna hear about today?
  4. I remember Pokemon Yellow. In the show Pikachu hit the sprinklers, in the game... Pikachu just fainted. Died if you played the Nuzlocke Challenge :evil: ... Good times.... Good times
  5. Magikarp is best karp 8)
  6. Species?

    Question 1) I like Raccoons Question 2) I like every kind of fur/scaly.