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  1. Yes, they are still addicting.. but after the whole "IV EV" thing was revealed... everyone has to have perfect IVs and EVs now. I remember once... having a Mewtwo... that took out 6 of my friend's Mewtwos... That he cheated to get.... Luckily mine was raised properly, I even took about 20 undocumented hours of catching him with an Ultra Ball.
  2. hmm... i think i became a furry... because it was a group of people that would understand me... and make me feel like family, since all of mine seems to be dying off like bugs...
  3. i'd have to say... wolves/dogs/dragons.... iunno..... they're my favorite
  4. lol actually i paid for that magikarp so i could kill things in the mountain between brock and misty xD pikachu vs rock didn't work so well at the time
  5. but... but... Magikarp .... I wanted magikarp so bad i paid for one... ... in pokemon yellow... then they were everywhere xD
  6. i swear there was something about sweets and icing earlier... i must have read wrong xD Also i thought i'd try to combine 2 tongue twisters together.
  7. I like licking a large lollipop to but can't stand to sit somewhere, searching for something sweet to suck on.
  8. School Project...