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  1. Shadow Of The Beast? Probably not what everyone else was thinking, though there is -Technically- TF's. Wonder boy 3 The Dragons Trap also has you transforming into different things to get across the game.
  2. I switch depending on the need.
  3. I just like the art.. I'm not really too involved with many other 'furry communities'.. I mostly just joined this site for the hypnosis side of things. That's around about it for reasons with me in terms of 'being a furry'. Isn't this thread horribly necro'd and in completely in the wrong section?
  4. Just finished the first episode of the new season... What did you expect? XD
  5. Isn't that the animated show about the girl from some VR computer simulation or something? Not seen it in many years, so could be wrong.
  6. With Christopher Eccleston, he was just getting over finishing the time war and destroying Gallifrey, which he stated was a big part of his character development for the 9th doctor's demeanor. With Rose, she calms him down a bit as the human balance of conscience after the time war. I imagine, with what happens at the end of Tennant's series, you can see that while Matt's doctor is generally happy on the outside, when you watch it again you do notice how much he actually does seriously flip out at things. He's actually a lot more vengeful and does start to show signs of the post traumatic stress he's been through more. He has a lot more emotional outbursts, like in the episode with the weeping angles where Amy is in the forest and he just snaps not knowing what to do.. The new series starts on Saturday anyway, shame that Amy's leaving after the first half of the series..Will be interesting to see how that comes about and if it would be the end of River too.