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  1. RT @TeflonDom187: This needs to be retweeted and shared over and over till everyone understands #Charolettesville https://t.co/5NsC8nXzmt

  2. @the_moviebob Rather it be late and good, than on time and bad

  3. RT @dutchmasterdior: High, my name is Lex. I'm an aspiring SFX artist from Virginia. One retweet could do nothing or everything. just get m…

  4. @cgjcritic @TJOmega Kamen Rider OOO

  5. @PantsLenna @the_moviebob When people are let go for "dubious reasons" it usually means they got too expensive and… https://t.co/a65Pf4ZzLt

  6. @rsully19586 @stevebrodner @GlobeChadFinn Elected with lees than a majority.

  7. @altonbrown I guess sacrificing unitaskers to Cuthulu does work.

  8. @MarksLarks So I can personally punch them in the face?

  9. @PlayWarframe With you adding razer chroma effects, any chance of adding Logitech LED support too?

  10. @Team_Penster @the_moviebob You say that like it's a bad thing.

  11. @DuoVandal @GameSack no, the yellow is from a fire retardant chemical in the plastic that changes color when exposed to UV.

  12. @tsloan306 @benheck Until someone offers MS a big enough pile of cash.

  13. @CoriMarie21 @Nash076 I take it you haven't been up past Portland?

  14. @steam_games You mean VILTNAAA, right?

  15. Deep Throat was an anonymous source.