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  1. RT @SeussIsLoose_: Trump isn't Hitler, Perhaps this is true. But actions speak loudly; It's about what you do. If you claim "both sides," A…

  2. @NintendoAmerica I would if they hadn't expired...

  3. @PlayDauntless Wouldn't you get better feedback from people who have played the game before?

  4. @the_moviebob Are you aware that VentureBeat changed the title of the original youtube video from "Cuphead demo at… https://t.co/TmN1A5yQBL

  5. @zack_graham5 @AsSeenOnIRC @suga_wings @AntonioArellano @likehome412 @UNITEDWEDREAM Until it's YOUR door being busted down by ICE.

  6. RT @Nysteveo2AOLcom: Trumpies are loosing their shit because Martha Stewart posed for this picture.We wouldn't want to RT this and upset th…

  7. @michaelbond007 @KhloePrower @FlotianChroma @Erakir I'm just going to assume that if i do that I won't be able to get up again.

  8. RT @TeflonDom187: This needs to be retweeted and shared over and over till everyone understands #Charolettesville https://t.co/5NsC8nXzmt

  9. @the_moviebob Rather it be late and good, than on time and bad

  10. RT @dutchmasterdior: High, my name is Lex. I'm an aspiring SFX artist from Virginia. One retweet could do nothing or everything. just get m…

  11. @cgjcritic @TJOmega Kamen Rider OOO

  12. @PantsLenna @the_moviebob When people are let go for "dubious reasons" it usually means they got too expensive and… https://t.co/a65Pf4ZzLt

  13. @rsully19586 @stevebrodner @GlobeChadFinn Elected with lees than a majority.

  14. @altonbrown I guess sacrificing unitaskers to Cuthulu does work.

  15. @MarksLarks So I can personally punch them in the face?