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  1. @Eisenhower1521 @the_moviebob What about the Chinese that were drilling for oil in 347 AD?

  2. @NintendoAmerica Nothing, can't find a switch to buy.

  3. @JoeParadise9 @the_moviebob 1. It's not the original Teen Titans 2. It's the only thing CN plays.

  4. @TJOmega Watch out for Temple Guardians!

  5. @InsiderFood #WeWantCups

  6. @RichardDDragon @the_moviebob $299

  7. @PllayWarframe2 @PlayWarframe Fuck Off!

  8. @ShinyHelix Hey, at least it ain't a ray gun!

  9. @JulianAssange @DonaldJTrumpJr @wikileaks Of course Comrade!

  10. @BellzWebster @landpsychology Then get a wolf Corgi. https://t.co/pJOEqZkiwL

  11. RT @SeussIsLoose_: Trump isn't Hitler, Perhaps this is true. But actions speak loudly; It's about what you do. If you claim "both sides," A…

  12. @NintendoAmerica I would if they hadn't expired...

  13. @PlayDauntless Wouldn't you get better feedback from people who have played the game before?

  14. @the_moviebob Are you aware that VentureBeat changed the title of the original youtube video from "Cuphead demo at… https://t.co/TmN1A5yQBL