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  1. @DuoVandal @GameSack no, the yellow is from a fire retardant chemical in the plastic that changes color when exposed to UV.

  2. @tsloan306 @benheck Until someone offers MS a big enough pile of cash.

  3. @CoriMarie21 @Nash076 I take it you haven't been up past Portland?

  4. @steam_games You mean VILTNAAA, right?

  5. Deep Throat was an anonymous source.

  6. @NintendoAmerica I would if the points didn't expire.

  7. RT @GeorgeTakei: Yes, unfortunately these tweets from climate deniers are real. @ATTN

  8. @moomoof @Nash076 You do realize that Cap is a Nazi because the Red Skull used a cosmic cube to change Cap's past, right?

  9. @PeskyEcho @amritarajkumar_ @Joseph_Brand0 Stop spreading lies, please

  10. @TJOmega That's so "Manly Men" can buy healthier bread without damaging their self-imposed standard of "manliness"

  11. RT @SethAbramson: RETWEET if you would prefer to have this industrial-size tub of Russian dressing running the country right now. https://t…

  12. @PlayWarframe Is the Octavia quest supposed to be solo only?

  13. @notch @billmastercozb Yes, the dock that displays it on your television.

  14. @QuetzaDrake IT'S ALIVE!

  15. RT @SEGA_Europe: #MWNL Challenge 2 is underway - Art Attack! The winner is the one that gets the most LOVE from YOU! @DawnOfWar ooh did you…