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  1. Personally I don't play much well-known retro games besides the occasional Tetris/Pac-man/Mario series/ROM-hacks, but I do play some more obscure retro games like Yggdra Union (RPG) or Midnight Resistance (Shoot-em-up) or the Mother/Earthbound series, mostly on emulators though. If you count the retro-styled games too, then Shovel Knight fits too.
  2. I suggest starting with just inductions. Essentially they just take you into a trance and back out. Unless you are super suggestible (some people might call this being a creative thinker) you will likely not get very far on your first tries of listening to a full file (boring, I know, but worth it) and will likely need to listen to it multiple times to get any effect.
  3. Just remembered about this site and I'm back!

  4. I've been stuck in the whole ARTS genre, playing DOTA 2 and recently also Sins of a Dark Age. Offline and with friends I've been playing a whole lot of Project M (Mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl), Factorio, and KSP.
  5. I've had some progress with various files, however the only time I think I genuinely felt something was with the Raichu hypnosis file (Not on here but on WMM). On that file, the first time I listened to it I actually did specifically feel the tail, but I was kidna surprised so I kinda woke up from trance. I didn't really feel anything on repeat listens however. I guess I kinda blocked it from my mind or something.