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  1. How Did You Find Furmorphed

    Trough a community or a forum.
  2. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    None too busy doing other things though last i played i game i played terrarria.
  3. Why did you/want to be a furry?

    Hm i got exposed by cartoons, games and animes that showed characters that looked anthromorphic or had animal features. when i played games i preferred playing as an anthro-like race instead of a human race because i was so interested in them, they had animal features yet they could live like humans do, at some point i discovered the furry fandom and talked a lot with a fellow furry who was a black wolf anthro as fursona. at some point i joined furaffinity as i developed a transformation fetish on DA and wanted to see more adult content of it. so the idea of transforming and being an anthro really attracts me in multiple ways. i consider myself a shapeshifter since i prefer different anthro species from time to time to be or just look at.