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  1. Furniture!!!

    love me some weird al
  2. Animal TF art

    You could always look for a subreddit.
  3. Anthro Or Feral?

    Anthro, digitigrade. I could never do feral
  4. How Far Away Are We?

    I'd love to see that.
  5. RP Character Profiles

    Name: Leon McBane Age: 912 ( looks 25) Height: 6'2 Species: Alaskan Malmute Visual Characteristics: All white with gray back. Small slash scar above left eyebrow Past: Leon was born and raised in a small tribe in Scotland. As a lad, he worked hard as an errand boy for the king. He realized one day that he didn't age as his fellow bretheren had. He was not sure how it had happened and is looking for answers to why this would be so. He has done many things throughout the centuries, from seaman to entrepenuer. He feels that the only way to find out what to do is to experience all there is to life and make sense of it all.
  6. Species?

    I have two: One is an Alaskan malamute. The other is a Secretary bird. But I like nearly every species.
  7. Hey Man, If you're going to play Penumbra, just remember this: 1. You can fight back (IE: climb on stuff & Use the hammer) 2. Read the text