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    I go through phases of things.. MtG, Playing cards + Magic, Many many music, Diabolo, CoD, meh... I'll think of more when i go back to them. Like these: Drumming (how could i forget that?), xbox online playing (mostly cod5,7,9 zombies).
    Ask me to make music for you! :D

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  1. Looking thru old notebooks reminded me of this place
  2. Sliiightly scary how i don't remember most of the stuff i posted on here P::::::::::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  3. Holograms(/augmented reality) tho amirite. Although it looks like it could be more tricky to looking things as opposed to,.,idk, things made of blocks. Could it be used for tails and stuff, maybbe?>HMmm,./Mm??
  4. As interesting as always here,.,
  5. Happy new year, you lot

  6. Ah, Stuff! How could I forget that?!
  7. Ahh, i'm finally old enough to do all those things I was gonna do..... um.. now what were they :/
  8. lvl 30 on EUW also: PH0Z0N (zeros^)
  9. Okay, well another reason for me saying that is because i never got my not bought version of pokemon white to work, then i stopped :/
  10. Yep, platinum was the last good pokemon for me :/
  11. Dust an elysian tail on xbox market place, but now coming to steam. Also hopefully a sequel sometime.
  12. Yeah, I think they hypnotised me to come here.. o_O
  13. I keep seeing Khaz on the housepets comments