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    I go through phases of things.. MtG, Playing cards + Magic, Many many music, Diabolo, CoD, meh... I'll think of more when i go back to them. Like these: Drumming (how could i forget that?), xbox online playing (mostly cod5,7,9 zombies).
    Ask me to make music for you! :D

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  1. Looking thru old notebooks reminded me of this place
  2. Sliiightly scary how i don't remember most of the stuff i posted on here P::::::::::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  3. As interesting as always here,.,
  4. Happy new year, you lot

  5. Ah, Stuff! How could I forget that?!
  6. Ahh, i'm finally old enough to do all those things I was gonna do..... um.. now what were they :/
  7. Okay, well another reason for me saying that is because i never got my not bought version of pokemon white to work, then i stopped :/
  8. Yep, platinum was the last good pokemon for me :/
  9. Furry/animal Tf Games ?

    Dust an elysian tail on xbox market place, but now coming to steam. Also hopefully a sequel sometime.
  10. Yeah, I think they hypnotised me to come here.. o_O
  11. I keep seeing Khaz on the housepets comments
  12. needs to be shared xD
  13. Are you really a squirrel, Volk? o_O