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  1. Why did you/want to be a furry?

    I just sort of fell into being what people consider a furry naturally. Ever since I was little I've liked both the animals that exist or have existed as well as mythological creatures, and the very first character I created to represent myself was an intelligent winged similodon. I've taken the role of a shapeshifter in my dreams since I was small as well, and have changed into many differnt creatures. I imagine these things are what pushed me to finding out what furries were when I gained my on laptop a few years ago. That and I figured that once people saw several of my characters they'd assume I was one, and I wanted to know what exactly was associated with the label. I was actually surprised how much of me was considered odd. Looking around the community there are a lot of neat aspects: The personas, the art, the RPs, and the costumes. I've been very impressed by some of the things people have created! As for finding myself at this particular site again, and again I figure it's because while I'm happy being human something keeps tugging at my mind to try transforming into one of the forms I've taken while dreaming. I'm a bit surprised I'm actually excited at the prospect. Though it's a happy sort of surprise.
  2. Anthro Or Feral?

    I lean towards anthro simply because I would honestly miss my hands too much. I use them to play video games, to draw, to juggle, as well as many other things. That being said I feel comfortable with both the feral version of my persona as well as the anthro version.
  3. How Did You Find Furmorphed

    I found out about this place after researching a bit about hypnosis. After a bit of thought I decided it might be interesting to transform outside of my dreams, and decided to make an account here.
  4. Species?

    Technically my specie is that of a shapeshifter, but I choose to show myself as a sheep who's design takes from the looks of the Icelandic and Jacob's sheep breeds. Sheep remind me of many things I like, and they're so fluffy and cute.